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Name: Zayl Rathman
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Imperia
Race: Human

Mystic Skills

Church Teachings
(Taught conventionally as a Priest for many years, Zayl still retains some of the knowledge learned during these years, before his capitulation.)

Scroll Creation and Enchanting
{ | | | | | | | | | | |}
As was expected of him as a Priest, Zayl has extensive knowledge in the creation of scrolls and enchantments. Zayl knows how to create an efficient magical scroll or enchantment.

Healing Magic
{ | | | | | | | | | | }
Having trained as a Priest for most of his life, Healing Magic is one of Zayl's best skills, coming to him almost automatically.

Necromantic Influence
(Though Zayl has forsaken the Lich Xalicor's philosophy, he has never forgotten the abilities he was taught during his apprenticeship. Note that there is no such thing as 'Necromantic Magic'. Necromancy is a goal, a lens through which other abilities are focused towards a specific point--the manipulation of the soul and sustaining the body after death. Each of these abilities closely rely on another, and may overlap.)

{ | | | | | | | | | |}
Seals are the general tool of a necromancer. Seals are runic enchantments placed upon a body to gather and utilize ambient or stored energy. Seals are used to divert appropriate amounts of mystical energy for specialized tasks, such as the contraction of a muscle. Seals are used to receive and carry out commands, quicken or stopper a flow of mystical energy, and generally act as an automated system to reanimate and spur a corpse to action. It could be said that nearly every aspect of necromancy utilizes the science of seals, though this is not entirely true. In the pursuit of quick and easy power, many necromancers have forsaken this slow and excruciatingly detailed method for pacts with immortal beings, one of the most common being Shar, Goddess of Darkness. These 'summonings' and reanimations do not generally use seals, instead using the power of these beings to possess the corpse. In his studies, however, Zayl was 'blessed' to have a teacher who knew much of the seal method, and Zayl, seeking sovereignty from immortal creatures and dark beasts, chose to study this method solely. All of the following abilities branch from the basic science of seals.

{ | | | | | | | | | |}
Curses are seals used for the specific purpose of hampering a foe through mystical means. Instead of being applied to a corpse, the seals are applied to a living being, with the intent of harm. Most curses work through applying a seal that alters, slows, or blocks a flow of energy for the desired effect. Effects can range from excessive fatigue to loss of muscle control or even the temporary inability to cast spells. As Zayl often prefers to render an enemy immobile rather than kill, he has placed much study into this art.

Soul Manipulation
{ | | | | | | | | | |}
Simply put, Soul Manipulation is the manipulation of the soul. Though rarely used as most necromancers prefer soulless animations, Zayl delved deeply into this field as it was essential to his entire reason for studying necromancy. Soul Manipulation usually includes the ability to summon and bind a specific soul to a form. For -extremely- skilled practitioners, it is possible to alter the state of the soul in various ways.

Sacred Field Manipulation
{ | | | | | | | | | |}
The Sacred Field is the extension of the deeper soul, a protective matrix that encompasses the body, naturally animating and preserving the physical form, and allowing the manipulation of magic. Each and every Sacred Field is unique to the individual, and almost entirely impossible to affect remotely or artificially replicate. Zayl can only manipulate or imitate the Sacred Field as far as his ability to afflict specific areas of it through curses or his ability to animate a physical form, very roughly imitating the Field.

Energy Manipulation(+General Spellcasting)
{ | | | | | | | | | | }
Though not directly taught by Xalicor, the ultimate result of Zayl's combined experience is a growing ability and talent for energy manipulation, that being the direct manipulation of mystical energy. In his efforts against the Otherworld Invasion, Zayl drew amounts of 'pure'(that is, not used as a proxy for the manipulation of, say, flames) energy and used it to great effect as a weapon against the Otherworld's 'negative energy'. Though every mage has this ability to a certain extent, as it is needed to use any sort of mystical art, Zayl's dedicated study into the detailed method of seals, and thus, the exact utilization of energy, has given him a particular talent for it, though he has yet to use it for anything outside traditional thinking.
Surge Mastery
(Gifted to Zayl by the previous Grandmaster of the Vindicators,Marius Shire, Zayl's connection to Surge is just coming into being. )

Heightened physical state
{ | | | | | | | | | | }
Due to his direct and true connection to Surge as Grandmaster of the Vindicators, this skill has grown on it's own to heal his fractured soul and somewhat sickly body. As more time passes, the more The Surge supplements and eventually complements his natural magical talent, allowing him to handle spells with much more accuracy, speed, and endurance.

The power of detecting loss of life, and magic
{ | | | | | | | | | |}
Daily access to his direct and 'true' connection to Surge has granted this ability. Zayl can now smell death upon the person responsible as well as the location of the crime, though he can still only feel Vindicator deaths as they happen.

The ability to mask their own alignment, thoughts and ever so slightly, their powers
{ | | | | | | | | | | }
Daily access to his direct and 'true' connection to Surge has granted this ability. Zayl can envelop himself in Surge's energies to mask his presence, powers, and thoughts. Just as Marius before him, however, use of any power, be it Surge or other, would render this mask void.

Summoning outward telekinetic energy (the Surge Blast)
{ | | | | | | | | | | }
As Zayl's connection to Surge grows, so does his raw ability to call upon its powers. The Surge Blast relies on control and the Vindicator's ability to call upon Surge's energies.

(The most classic of spells, manipulation of the elements.)
Ice Magic
{ | | | | | | | | | | }
While under Xalicor's tutelage, Zayl learned the basics of ice magic, and through practice and first-hand combat experience for nearly seven years, he's become very experienced in it's use, though it has waned in recent times.

Earth Magic
{ | | | | | | | | | | }
While under Xalicor's tutelage, Zayl learned the basics of earth magic, and through practice and first-hand combat experience for nearly seven years, he's become very experienced in it's use, though it has waned in recent times.

Lightning Magic
{ | | | | | | | | | |}
Zayl was taught lightning magic as part of his second period of tutelage under Xalicor, and has used the intervening 6 years to further hone this ability.
(Everything else.)

Magical Translocation
{ | | | | | | | | | | | }
Zayl has recently began studying the ability of magical translocation, I.E., teleporting. He's only recently advanced his skill in the art to such a level that he doesn't risk blowing himself up; but he still has much to learn.

Dagger Combat
{ | | | | | | | | | |}
Though Zayl hasn't truly put any effort into learning advanced handling of small weapons, he's used his dagger as a tool and weapon for nearly twenty years. This has made his actions with a dagger, especially his own, agile and automatic. Zayl knows how to handle his dagger safely, and knows a few things about using it to it's maximum potential in combat.

Personality: Zayl is a man who is very aware that he is just that, a man. He is all too aware that he is not perfect, that he has made mistakes, sometimes terrible mistakes, in the past, that now weigh heavily upon him, upon his every action. He has been alone most of his young and adult life; as a result, while he is always pleasant in day to day conversation, he often looks upon the world, and people, with a clinical separation. This doesn't mean that he's excessively cold--only that his friendships are few and deep. He is very loyal to those he loves, sometimes, if the need calls, to the point of being almost self-sacrificial. His greatest fear is that he would fail if danger ever came to his family-- or even worse, that he himself might cause them harm.


-Backstory: Zayl Rathman was born thirty-two years ago in Talibar's majestic capital, Imperia. He was just one of the hundreds of children abandoned by their parents for one reason or another that year in Imperia's infamous slums. Many would die before they grew into ripe age; others became thieves, common criminals in order to survive; the lucky few would escape abject poverty through their own will or through the generosity of adoptive caretakers. This child, however, was entered into a unique life.

Zayl was discovered, one early morning in December, on the steps of the Grand Cathedral, the apex of the worship for the immense Church of Tyr, by a priestess named Holly Vizharan. Holly was a young, talented girl of, at that time, sixteen years of age--having reached priesthood at the young age of 14. Priesthood at such a young age was unprecedented; but not unearned. Holly was, by all accounts, a genius in her craft. Her ability was said, by a few of the more audacious of the acolytes, to rival some of the High Priests.

Holly pled with the Arch-Canon of the Cathedral for the Church to take care of the wayward child; the Arch-Canon adamantly stated that he could not. In a final act of desperation, Holly utilized her influence, saying that she would take the child in as a learner, as an acolyte; she would train the child in the faith of the church, and, when the child came of age, he would enter into service of the church.

At this, finally, did the Arch-Canon consent; however, he made it clear that the child's performance, and all responsibility for raising the child, would fall squarely upon her.

And so the years passed, and Zayl grew. Holly raised him the best she could; and, when he came of the appropriate age, six, began teaching him as an acolyte.

Life as an acolyte was never easy for the young boy. Zayl found no friends among the other acolytes; admittance to the Church as a learner, especially to the Cathedral, was incredibly competitive, drawing upon only the most talented children. The conditions of his arrival at the church were well known, and Zayl was hated for it, the other children viewing him as a burden, an idiot who had been allowed admittance through sheer luck, and not through any true skill.

Zayl found no sympathy in his other teachers; they, too, knew of the conditions of his arrival, and thus, thought lowly of the boy. The teachers often thought of him as a clinger on, and his presence at the Cathedral was often viewed as a painful necessity. While the teachers held private study sessions and cultured favorites among the other acolytes, Zayl was left alone, isolated. This, in turn, fed the hatred directed towards him by the younger students, the acolytes all too able to reciprocate the views held by their superiors.

The studies themselves continuously confounded Zayl, and Zayl consistently proved unable to grasp the higher concepts. Though Zayl held private study sessions with Holly, time and time again did he fall beneath the other acolyte's abilities. This didn't help much; it only confirmed both the teachers' and the students' views. The Arch Canon himself began to look poorly upon the boy, and a few times it was only Holly's influence that kept Zayl from being turned loose onto the streets.

Holly was the single, shining nexus of light. Only in Holly did Zayl find joy; only in Holly did Zayl find comfort, sympathy. In Holly did Zayl find his only friend. In Holly did Zayl find a mother.

And for six years longer did Zayl study, isolated and ostracized by both his peers and his superiors--until, at last, the day came. Zayl had succeeded, despite all odds, and was to be accepted into the church as a true Acolyte of Tyr.

The inauguration was to take place far from the Grand Cathedral, in the northern forests, on a spot of incredible magical power--one of the magical channeling points throughout Aeria, through which the Weave flows.

Though the journey was long, every step of it was joyous. Zayl seemed to have finally proven his worth, to both himself and his fellow acolytes. And so the voyage to the site of the inauguration seemed to him almost as a victory march. When the group of nearly twelve-hundred assorted men, women, and children finally arrived at the spot of inauguration, Zayl could only feel a feeling of satisfaction as he drifted off to sleep.

But then, the woods shifted. Joy was not the only thing attracted to the channeling point.

Against the shifting darkness of the forest did he walk, an inky black void, the only point of illumination a single, bone white mask peering from abject oblivion. Sheer power peeled from his form in waves of corruption, his mere presence seeming to shift reality. An aberration in existence, appearing as a wound in the fabric of life itself.

And yet, he appeared amongst them like a phantom, the group hardly shifting as dark creatures began to form from the churning blackness. Not a single soul did stir until the slaughter began.

The screams woke Zayl into a scene of rending horror as these beasts, seemingly patched together from the broken bodies of countless lost souls, tore into the priests and acolytes with abandon.Children cut, end to end; innards strewn from the dead and the living alike; flesh peeled from splintered bone. Though some tried to fight back, all were cut down the same, acolyte and priest. Except one.

She fought with the fury of the sun, striking down beast after beast, any that came near her. A single oddity in the entity's designs, a shining beacon, Holly fought to protect not her own life, but the lives of others, of Zayl.

At last the battlefield was cleared, of both beasts and men alike. Only the figure, black against black, maintaining silent vigil over the slaughter, Holly, her eyes ablaze with fury, and Zayl, cowering behind her, remained.

Holly fought the figure, fought against the inevitable, fought for faith and love, fought for Zayl. With all the fury of her soul she struck at the figure, with each rhythm of her heart did she resist. Though impossible, every bone in her body, the very fiber of her existence forbid her from faltering even for a moment. And even as she was struck down, every aspect of her life screamed defiance.

Her last words were a proclamation of love....as the hatchet fell.

The last thing Zayl saw before spiraling into unconsciousness was the piercing mask peering from oblivion.

-Appearance Information:

  • Build: Slender
  • Weight: Slim
  • Height:
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Color: Quite Pale
  • Clothing details: Clothed most often in dark robes, lined with silver to allow various protective enchantments
  • All other appearance information: Wears a belt with dozens of pouches of various sizes; Sheathed Dagger

Alignment: Neutral Good

Current Tasks:
Provide for and Safeguard what remains of his family: Eternal
Destroy the Vitamantia: Onhold
Decide what exactly to do with the 'Products of Evolution', Change and Resent: On hold
Build his growing connection to Surge:Current
Rebuild the Vindicators:Current
Fulfill the Blight-Vault Oath:Current
Defend Surna from the Occitanian Legion:Current

Completed Tasks:
Pick up a new trail of investigation by returning to Surna: Completed
Determine the location of 'Auntie': Completed
Supplement his own skills enough to even the odds against the Vitamantia: Completed
Capture one of the 'Products of Evolution' and glean important information from her:Completed
Design the countermeasure against the Abesquilians: Complete
Organize a team of mages and able and willing volunteers to carry out his countermeasure:Completed
Unravel the truth about the mysterious group of modified assassins: Completed
Find ways to aid Talibar against their enemy: Completed
Decide what exactly to do with the Vitamantia: Completed
Retrieve the Runed Necklace from Ossus:Completed
Purify the newly poisoned Surnan Lake:Completed
Design Abesquilian control system v2 for the empire: Completed
Find Kelly and return her to safety: Completed(?)

Failed Tasks:
Keep Surge out of Ossus' hands:Failed
Learn more about the mysterious creature behind Luke Nazarius' anxiety:Canceled

Black, Silver lined enchanted Robes
Brown Travel Cloak
Hardy travel shoes
Heavily Enchanted Silver Dagger with a black handle
3 Minor Health Potions
Healing Salve + Bandages
Two vials of Drider paralytic poison
One vial of Drider digestive poison
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Zayl Rathman
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