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 Lyssa and Zayl, sittin' in a tree

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PostSubject: Lyssa and Zayl, sittin' in a tree   Wed Jul 29, 2015 9:03 pm

Alyssa finishes walking up the spiraling path. "Zayl, there you are."

Zayl turns his head a bit from where he watches the sunset illuminate the last bit of the infested forest. "Alyssa. You need me?"

Alyssa sits next to him. "Just wanted to talk.."

Zayl nods, turning back to the darkening sky. "Not much time for talk recently."

Alyssa: ...Marius is dying.

Zayl: ---What?

Zayl turns around, regarding Alyssa with an expression of total surprise. "He's-..."

Alyssa: He was looking for you. I thought he told you-

Zayl: I-- ...no. I haven't seen him...

Alyssa: Well... I'm sure he'll talk to you soon...

Alyssa: ...He gave me the rank of Master Vindicator.

Zayl places a shaky hand on his forehead, pushing back the front strands of his hair. "Dying...."

Alyssa: I know... He was fighting something dark, and powerful. One of Shar's minions, I think. He killed it, but got hurt... he can't heal it. And it won't heal on its own. I'm sorry, Zayl. I know you two were close.

Zayl: ....Gods.....-damn it-.....Gods -damn her-!

Alyssa looks startled by Zayl's sudden outburst.

Zayl: It's not right, Alyssa--Gods damn it, It's not right, if this world has any sort of common -decency-, it's not right!

Alyssa: I understand, Zayl, believe me. I lost Alex to that.. that bitch and her schemes.

Zayl takes deep, heavy breaths, staring at the forest beneath them. "Gods damn it..."

Alyssa puts a hand on Zayl's shoulder.

Zayl hides his face with his gloved left hand, rubbing his eyes. "What kind of world...where men like Marius die, while monsters like -Auntie- live, fat and happy...Gods.."

Alyssa: Things will change, Zayl... someday.

Zayl is silent a moment, the only thing heard from him being deep, somewhat ragged breathing. He suddenly inhales deeply, and removes his hand from his face.

Zayl: ....You've....finished your training, then... I know he's taught you well. He wouldn't leave the job half finished.

Alyssa: Marius is a good teacher... but in such a short time, how could he have?

Alyssa's hand comes off Zayl's shoulder, and she looks down. "I suppose it doesn't matter."

Zayl: ...Where did you see him last...? I'll need to... talk to him after we finish here...

Alyssa: Last I saw him, he was in the bar.

Zayl: ....Heh... So...

Alyssa: I didn't actually come here to talk about Marius. It's.. this task ahead of me. I dunno what else to call it.

Alyssa motions to the forest.

Alyssa: For the first time in a long time, I'm not sure how things are gonna turn out.

Zayl: We're going on your feeling...the shard.

Alyssa: Right, the shard...

Alyssa sighs. "Just hope this actually works... I guess I should get going."

Zayl: Going?

Alyssa: To bed. Notice the sun setting?

Zayl: ........Right. Right. ...I just thought you had more to say.

Alyssa hesitates for a moment, but then plants a kiss on Zayl's lips.

Zayl 's eyes widen, blinking several times. "A-Alyssa?"

Alyssa: I, uh.. sorry. I should just-...

Alyssa stands up abruptly, and starts heading down the spiral.

Zayl springs up after her, "A-Alyssa, wait-

Alyssa pretends not to hear him, continuing at a brisk pace.

Zayl stumbles after her, calling again, "A-Alyssa?!"

Finally, Alyssa stops, at the base of the spiral. She turns to face Zayl.

Zayl stops as well, staring at Alyssa with a mixture of confuse and concern. A silence ensues.

Zayl: .....D-..Take care of yourself...Alyssa.

Alyssa: ..I wanted to tell you, I just wasn't sure how. I don't have much experience with-... no, I don't have ANY experience with-... Just forget it. Please?

Zayl: If...If that's what you want, Alyssa.

Alyssa: Goodbye, Zayl.

Alyssa turns, and begins walking away again.

Zayl says nothing. He collapses onto the stone steps behind him, watching Alyssa walk off into the city.

Die standing.
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PostSubject: Re: Lyssa and Zayl, sittin' in a tree   Wed Jul 29, 2015 9:06 pm

xeno586: i was looking for words that rhymed with munroe
xeno586: and i got
xeno586: "strip show"
xeno586: "menstrual flow"

10:06 PM - Munroe: [[ where is Zayl?
10:06 PM - Zayl: // anywhere of a number of places, depending on the time of day
10:07 PM - Munroe: [[ nighttime
10:07 PM - Munroe: [[ in front of his mirror, trying on a dress?
10:07 PM - Munroe: [[ got it
10:07 PM - Zayl: // no that's in the morning

11:46 PM - Zayl: that was surprising
11:47 PM - Zayl: quite a bombshell
11:47 PM - Munroe: What's really surprising
11:47 PM - Munroe: Is that Shady Man was up to no good, and that was actually Izzy the whole time
11:48 PM - Zayl: WAFS

Die standing.
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PostSubject: Re: Lyssa and Zayl, sittin' in a tree   Thu Jul 30, 2015 3:29 am

and then, SHE DIED

greatest Zayl-trolling Munroe has ever done
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PostSubject: Re: Lyssa and Zayl, sittin' in a tree   

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Lyssa and Zayl, sittin' in a tree
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