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 Silver Weaponry

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PostSubject: Silver Weaponry   Fri Feb 03, 2012 3:33 pm

Quote :
Silver Weapons

The most well-known magical metal apart from Gold, Silver is renowned for it's effects against dark creatures. Used by Witchers, Demon-Hunters, and Adventurers the world over, silver has devastating effects on all manner of Vampires, Lycanthropes, and the Undead. Even the crafty Dark Elves are adversely affected by the metal, given their connection to the shadow. With it's high degree of magical conductivity, Silver takes to enchantments very easily, making it the metal of choice for many warriors. Silver, however, is not the end-all magical metal, and suffers a number of drawbacks. As a naturally occurring magical metal, it lacks the strength of the mystical metals Lucium or Selenium. Being exceptionally pure in it's natural state, silver's magical conductivity makes it liable to be tainted when used against creatures of great darkness, such as Vampires or Demons. Once tainted, the metal's properties are warped, becoming useless against dark creatures but harmful to those of the light. The forerunner to Orium, tainted silver is harmful to Elves and magical creatures of light, such as Angels. The Tainted Silver must be removed or Alchemically purified; often, the weapon must be entirely discarded.

So-called 'Silver' Weapons are usually Steel Weapons with the edges coated in Silver. Given the rarity of the metal, pure silver weapons are the exception rather than the rule, usually existing as family heirlooms of ornamental or ceremonial nature. To use a Silver weapon against anything but dark creatures is folly; the metal has no effects against men or other races, and clashing weapons will result in the silver being chipped and damaged. The aim of anyone with a silver blade should be a single, precise thrust into a vital region, ending the battle as soon as possible. For this reason, silver weapons usually manifest as daggers, used in the offhand or used for a finishing strike. One important note is that, while silver is useful against the undead, it must meet flesh to be effective; skeletal undead are therefore largely immune to silver's effects. The prospective Witcher would be better suited by a sturdy mace or hammer.


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Silver Weaponry
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