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 Rare Item: Golem Fingers

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PostSubject: Rare Item: Golem Fingers   Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:19 am

Quote :
Name: Golem Fingers

Rarity: Five in existance

Origin: The original creators of golems had many methods for affixing runes, but none of them was quite the same. The late Anton Loryk carved inverted symbols for each rune in creating a golem into a thimble. The thimbles were looted from his house after his death, seen as knickknacks to the untrained in Animology.

Description: Each thimble has a mirrored symbol carved into it, one of each needed to create a golem. They are made of iron that has been imbued to allow the user to push the rune into the materials, like a signet ring into hot wax. They cannot be destroyed, and if they are lost, they reappear in the pocket of anyone that knows how to make golems.

Pros: They can make the runes for creating a golem on any hard, solid material, such as wood, steel, granite, etc.

Cons: Useless for golem creation unless all five are used.
They don't work on soft/loose materials like sand, water, clay, etc.
Does not activate the golem.
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Rare Item: Golem Fingers
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