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 Blight Golem defeated!

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PostSubject: Blight Golem defeated!   Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:27 am

Blight golem defeated!
Date: Sunday, September 9th, 790 MoP.
Author: Gregory Allandor

The Blight golem arrived late last night, and was defeated in cooperation with the Surnan Guard, the Pychekan blight-specialists, and a few bystanders. Ser Tommen Blackburn being one of the bystanders to go above and beyond to throw everything he had at the metal creation to stop it in its tracks. Unfortunately, the golem made it into the city, and inscribed a message in written Aru across the guard house wall. It was then pushed back outside the city by Lieutenant-Kommissar Volosin and his men, while being stunned by an unknown citizen with electrical magic. For roughly 15 minutes it lay disabled in front of the city, until a cannon was wheeled up to the front gates. Just as it was about to sit up, the cannon shot into its main hull compartment. The cannon ball went into its chest and the golem fell back down. Three Pychekan tieflings instantly surrounded the golem and let out a sustained torrent of flame into the breach in its hull, cleansing any blight.

The golem, after seemingly destroyed, ripped out a rune from its chest piece and raised it above its body. It collapsed, and the rune spun terrifically. The rune glowed and displayed a bright flash, and everyone at the gates of the city were stunned and blinded. The Pychekan Embassy knows not what the purpose of this flash was, perhaps a combat mechanic that was never used. Why the golem would use something as simple as a blinding magic when it was surely already destroyed is unknown. The Embassy assures that it will investigate the purpose of the rune while searching for any blight corruption that might have escaped the golem. When the Guard and citizens who were there at the flash were questioned about it, little was said. This reporter was discouraged to speak about that specific part of the incident by Surnan witnesses, and could not get a definite answer out of any Surnan citizens.

The Pychekans were seen carrying the golem back to the embassy. It is reported that Lieutenant-Kommissar Volosin ripped the bricks inscribed with the Aru message from the guard house wall with abjuration magic, and threw them onto the ground with such force that they broke. When being confronted with this accusation, he admits,"Yes, I ripped them out. It was a prayer to Ossus and no doubt a curse. It is no matter, I will pay for any damages done to the city, by my hand or the golem's."

The Surnan government breathes a sigh of relief as the blight disaster is avoided. Yet the people question how easy it was to contain such an overblown blight threat. Again, to these questions the Embassy puts its faith in their Kommissariat, experts of fighting the followers of Ossus.
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Blight Golem defeated!
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