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PostSubject: Lysander   Lysander EmptyMon Oct 28, 2013 4:59 am

Lysander 1585hxi

Race: Kazuth Vampire
Apparent Age: 15
Age: 689
Gender: Male

Death and Rebirth


Character Traits

Being close on seven hundred years, Lysander has accumulated the wisdom of many times a regular human. Weather he chooses to make ample use of his faculties is another matter. In the very least, he has an impressive volume of fiddle songs and poems from which to recite, and is able to recount queer stories of battles lost and won.
His behaviour can seem inconsistent and without basis in habit or pattern. This is not necessarily true, although the boy's passions have the ability to overcome him inconveniently, a flaw which has resulted in more than one close call.

The mannerisms and performances of this character are a far cry from those normally expected, nor event considered within the realm of a normal, sane individual. He tends to spend long nights laughing well and playing the fiddle, usually whilst perched on rooftops with a bottle of wine. Amoungst other things, it is eccentric nature which has come to endear his character to his various companions.

Seemingly inordinate amounts of stress appear to have little effect on Lysander, battle and cataclysmic scenarios do still wield a certain amount of sway over his mood, but the effect is greatly diminished.

Perpetually rearing to go, Lysander pushes himself headlong into a new task or trail, exhuming an unsightly amount of energy and will towards select endeavours.

A strong distaste for depression and stillness fills the boy, and he seems to have an unending will to seek out fancy and pleasure. Not quite approaching hedonism, the boy certainly makes a good turn of attempting to fill his day with pleasurable affairs.

The single greatest motivating factor in Lysander's actions is his terrible fear of loneliness. Constantly in search of companions to partake in adventure with, Lysander does his very best to seek only those who believes will be the most interesting. This typically involves following them almost blindly afterwards, such is the price of companions.


A double edged blitz-steel dagger, worn in a sock sheath a-la Scottish Dirk.

Null-Magic Mantle
Pretty standard affair. A cloak enchanted with dampening effects to reduce the effects of magic. Made of wool, very soft, stylishly red.

A walnut fiddle, unceremoniously dubbed 'fiddle' by Lysander.

Gold Coins, x5
One ounce each.
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PostSubject: Re: Lysander   Lysander EmptyWed Nov 06, 2013 3:51 pm

But, in terms of character page, I'd like to know a bit more about his back story, such as his years as a vampire, and maybe something about who sired him. (Bonus points if you write his backstory as a poem, I liked that touch.) Him being a very social vampire is also nice, but do remember, he needs a way to feed, and also has to hide that fact. (I'd like to say that ALL vampires do have a darkside, as nice as they try to be.)

Although, there may be too many vampires, (Many of which are inactive.) I don't want to be taking up space for a new character, or have a character denied due to "Too many of a certain race" so, right now, I'd sit at a content pending.
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