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PostSubject: Inquisition.   Sun Aug 25, 2013 12:59 pm

Quote :
The message is sent out. A sweeping executive order; drawn up and authorized by the office of King Delric II himself, and counter-signed by both War Minister Ackerson and the Clerical Council of Twelve - the order to implement a nation-wide Inquisition. Already in the works for several months, it is a massive undertaking designed to counter the all too real threat of Blight infestation following what is now a confirmed outbreak in the Surnan Region. Such an event is not a foreign thing to the people of Sanctimonia; regional Inquisitions, closely and carefully administered, are regular events, designed to keep the prevalence of dangerous creatures such as Therianthropes, Vampires, and Shades to a minimum. However, a nationwide Inquisition is a much rarer thing. Never before enacted, the latent dangers of the immeasurably communicable Blight presents enough of a nation-wide risk as to pursue such a wide, costly administrative endeavor.

This Inquisition will require heavy inter-regional coordination, the judicious use of local police and military forces, as well as the aid of all three militant branches of the Church; the Clerical College, the Knights Concordic, and the Office of Knights Errant. Built into the order is a general recall of all journeying Clerics and Knights Errant, at home and abroad; their manpower will be needed. Checkpoints will be set up all throughout the Kingdom, on major roads, at entrances to every major city, and along the borders. Each checkpoint will be headed by a local Priest, or, if needed, a Cleric, and aided by local military and watch forces. They will act as a potent barrier throughout the land, undoubtedly making the spread of the Blight a more difficult prospect for any who may be infected. The most common instrument of the Inquisition shall be a simple stone slab with a Tiwaz inscribed in silver and blessed. Simply walking over or beneath this religious icon will produce visible discomfort in a range of dark creatures, though the effect will be minute enough in Blighted individuals that secondary tests will likely be necessary, creating a system of rigorous, costly, and timely investigation throughout the entirety of Sanctimonia.

The checkpoints will form an effective barrier to the Blight's expansion, but it will be up to the second part of the Inquisition to properly root out and purge any Blight contamination lurking in the wilds. Teams of Clerics and Knights Errant or strike-teams of Concordic Knights will prowl the forest, acting upon local intelligence and information cleaned from the checkpoints. They will be responsible for rooting out those in hiding, putting down infected wildlife, and cleansing infected crops, forests, and soil. These forces also stand ready to act against any Therianthropes, Vampires, or Shades caught unwittingly in this hunt for the Blight.

To top this nation-wide shift in movement off, the infamous Black Watch, a garrison within the military with an eye on special training designed to combat dark creatures, is being located from their home in Surna to parts unknown. Their 5,000 strong garrison will be replaced by a normal-sized garrison of 3,000 soldiers incoming from the fortress of Exemplar. Their departure represents both the danger the Kingdom considers itself to be in - and coming doom for the enemies of the Black Watch.

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