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 Surnan Post Reconstructed

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PostSubject: Surnan Post Reconstructed   Mon Aug 12, 2013 12:09 pm

Quote :
Surnan Post Finally Reconstructed After Six Months
Date: Sunday, August 12th, 790 MoP.
Author: Mathew Wainwright

After nearly six months from the tragic burning of the Surnan Post Headquarters, the Surnan Post is proud to return to the people of Sanctimonia and Surna. World and local events will be brought to your very doors as we write through day and night to bring you the latest and greatest news that Aeria has to offer.

Our revival couldn't have been achieved without the funding of many different private donors. We chiefly thank Imperial Trade and its new regional manager Viktoriya Radimir. "It is necessary to bring the news of the world we live in through even the most tragic events. Surna, of course, has always been a hotbed for malicious characters, but this will not be different than any other time. Imperial Trade is here to lend a hand in this reconstruction period." Viktoriya said before investing large amounts of money into various local venues affected by Vorn Tyrr.

Imperial Trade has also donated many relief funds to the Sanctimonian Throne and the Surnan governor to help expand its horizons to capture Vorn Tyrr and his allies. "Imperial Trade has directed efforts towards the repair and reformation of this city after catastrophe. And for that deserves my thanks, not to mention the thanks of the citizens of Surna." Governor Warthrop commented.
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Surnan Post Reconstructed
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