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 The Deep Wars - WIP

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The Deep Wars - WIP Empty
PostSubject: The Deep Wars - WIP   The Deep Wars - WIP EmptyWed Jul 31, 2013 6:57 am

WIP - Here's the base conversation that started it all.

Dom'n'Pat wrote:
3:34 PM - Pat - Back!: Driders would never be allowed to be Matriarchs
3:34 PM - Dominator046: Ah, yes. The pinnacle and the protested.
3:34 PM - Dominator046: Yes yes.
3:34 PM - Pat - Back!: You remember!
3:34 PM - Dominator046: So, just a Daefar then.
3:34 PM - Pat - Back!: Yeah
3:35 PM - Dominator046: You wuold do well not to under-estimate me.
3:35 PM - Pat - Back!: Driders are creatures of myth, venerated and feared, detested demons, denizens of the deep pits, etc etc
3:35 PM - Dominator046: It stands to reason that perhaps every single typo I have ever placed in my words is in fact some aeonic and truly brilliant riddle, revealing in itself terrible and profane things before unlocking mysteries unlike you haven't the ability to dream of.
3:36 PM - Dominator046: ...or, i could just be dumb.
3:36 PM - Dominator046: And alrighty, cool stuff.
3:36 PM - Pat - Back!: I like the lattetr
3:36 PM - Pat - Back!: *lattter
3:36 PM - Pat - Back!: *latter
3:36 PM - Pat - Back!: i say
3:36 PM - Dominator046: Sounds like could be some Velecar connections drawn in there at some point if we ever feeling like shooting some Lore breeze.
3:36 PM - Pat - Back!: as i mispel
3:36 PM - Pat - Back!: the same word
3:37 PM - Pat - Back!: Maybe. But Lloth is a powerful spirit, and would throw Velecar the hell out
3:37 PM - Dominator046: I'm sure; why I voted to say some connections. Being that he has a tendency to find the dark quiet places quite homey.
3:38 PM - Dominator046: Perhaps some bloody wars and good stuff.
3:39 PM - Pat - Back!: Lloth is an extremely deadly enemy to have. She's something of a local spirit - the Daefar specifically say that she lives in the deep pits, only
3:43 PM - Dominator046: Fun. Perhaps those deep pits wouldn't be contested by Velecar himself... but the souls of its denizens. Velecar is persistant. He was once eternally patient, and now with kalpa-encompassing recall.
3:44 PM - Dominator046: I could see him tempting as he always does, but more persistantly, more directly, perhaps as an affront to Lloth while out of the eyes of other gods.
3:44 PM - Pat - Back!: Well, here's the thing
3:44 PM - Pat - Back!: Lloth embodies apostasy
3:45 PM - Pat - Back!: She is paradoxical in her desires and her whims
3:45 PM - Pat - Back!: Her own spirit has influenced rebellion..against herself
3:46 PM - Pat - Back!: The Daefar have a dozen heretical mystery cults devoted to perverted versions of other divines, apocalyptic prophets, and varied spirits
3:46 PM - Dominator046: What if Velecar preyed upon that rebellion? Those who are most dear to her are stolen from ehr; but instead to passive arms and mortal coil; into the throes of another god; one whom actively tries to groom and absorb them? It need only be one mystery cult, one group, that attempts to do this. Velecar is still rather patient.
3:48 PM - Dominator046: And in this; Lloth can't truly protest, can she? She is rebellion, she is the twixt paradox. The paradox of her followers being also followers of Velecar is perhaps a paradox on multiple levels. Her drive for apostasy would bless those who leave her, and yet her drive for darkness and her own spheres would attempt to call them back.
3:49 PM - Dominator046: Velecar wouldn't be able to do this without cost and trouble; however, it is a web he could spin. A leeching effort, drawing old and powerful souls to his soul prison. Working terrible things in the deep darks of the Earth.
3:49 PM - Pat - Back!: Very possible
3:49 PM - Pat - Back!: It'd fit, too
3:49 PM - Pat - Back!: Of course
3:50 PM - Pat - Back!: Lloth can do the same
3:50 PM - Pat - Back!: It was her, afterall, who led the Daefar away from the Alfar
3:50 PM - Pat - Back!: And, over the ages
3:50 PM - Pat - Back!: She's done much the same
3:50 PM - Dominator046: Of course. It begets a Vicious and Perfect Circle.
3:50 PM - Pat - Back!: perverted cults of other deities
3:51 PM - Pat - Back!: Sune cults becoming orgiastic sex cults, Velecar's worshippers pushed to violent and chaotic rebellion
3:52 PM - Dominator046: Indeed.
3:54 PM - Dominator046: I'm picturing somethign along the lines of The Deep Wars, a collection of battles and conflicts taking place in reaches where the sun does not touch; where Lloth and Velecar have reached out to those who defect, or have caused those to defect, and in their maelstrom of dissent begat wars and battles that have bloodied the dark and or deep places.
3:55 PM - Pat - Back!: I like it

The Deep Wars - WIP H2DFj
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The Deep Wars - WIP
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