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 Nazzem - God of Knowledge and Fate

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PostSubject: Nazzem - God of Knowledge and Fate   Fri May 10, 2013 2:12 pm

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God of Knowledge and Fate

Nazzem, as the mortals have named him, has lived long since the creation of Aeria and before the dominant reign reign of Aten and his tower, the sun. Though the exact date of his creation is unknown, it is fact that he does not belong to the first born or their "offspring." He is, as Sylnorath was, an aspect of a function created among others no where near the position of deity status. He was created with the aspect of knowledge and the desire to know everything possible. Many of the aspects battled, few victorious against the other aspects. Thus, Nazzem became fused with the aspects of the many who fell before him: knowledge and fate. In his deity status, Nazzem has committed atrocities rivaling Sylnorath and Shar to gain knowledge unknown to him, but Nazzem would rather strike deals then fight. This puts Nazzem is a shady zone between the the good of Aten and the dark forces of Shar. However, he cares not of the politics of gods nor man upon Aeria and beyond.

Nazzem has forged many deals with all sorts of gods, both dark and good. This started to reveal his identity to the rest of the world, because he was previously unknown to many of the gods. He has traded vast amounts of knowledge for more knowledge, souls, cultists, and items. During the God Wars, Nazzem truly showed himself through an alliance with the Dread Lord Sylnorath before he attacked the naga and their naga mage-lords. They commenced the attack for different purposes, one for knowledge and another for reinforcements in his army. Nazzem received what he wanted on the naga and left Sylnorath after the attack against the Dominion. As the Dread Lord fought continued to fight, Nazzem discontinued his fight to learn more of the men who had arrived on Aeria.

During the events of the God Wars, Nazzem flooded the world with a new device sprouted from the concept of a tower. To further his advances of knowledge on the mortal realm, Nazzem placed smaller versions of a tower all over Aeria. Though this presented a problem of the protection of his own realm and the knowledge of the unknown and the known inside of it. Thus, the towers were moved once again to small towns isolated from others. Present day Sarkun, Sanctimonia, Sida, Talibar, the Wastes, and Pycheko were prime targets for this isolationism. The effects of the tower soon broke through the will of the towns people, which was an unintended effect of the mini-towers. Nazzem soon adapted the towers to offer a gateway into his realm for the people who unwillingly protected his towers, giving them knowledge an escape while they were under his control.

While Nazzem didn't have many followers before the God Wars, his numbers greatly grew through this forced indoctrination. In a sense, they all became his champions and gatekeepers. While he controlled their minds, they were allowed to enter his realm and experience anything they pleased. Anything they thought of came to be true in the realm for that time. While this didn't give the needed souls Nazzem received during his involvement in the war, the feelings of the mortals in his realm soon began to fuel him and replaced his sidelined hunger for souls and devouts. Multiple small communities fell under his control after his advances in this hunger but all seemed to remained the same in their tasks.

Though not as strong as prayers or souls, the feelings of the mortals, ranging from despair to love, have maintained the steady development of Nazzem and his realm. When travelers rolled through the towns a new problem presented itself. Some sought to destroy the hidden tower while others sought to understand it more. Whatever the case, the mind controlled victims were forced into killing these travelers or themselves. When a tower is in danger of being breached, the Nazzem forces the hands of the people to destroy the tower and then themselves so that the realm remains protected and safe from the outsiders. Nazzem doesn't seek to expand his borders for more devouts, only to know what the world and beyond has to offer.

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Nazzem - God of Knowledge and Fate
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