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 Faeru Kelvas - [Knight Premier of the Concordic Knights]

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Faeru Kelvas - [Knight Premier of the Concordic Knights] Empty
PostSubject: Faeru Kelvas - [Knight Premier of the Concordic Knights]   Faeru Kelvas - [Knight Premier of the Concordic Knights] EmptyMon Apr 22, 2013 6:48 pm

"To the contested land of Talibar, my chosen. For too long we have prepared while our enemies have moved. Let the Empire of Man know I have not forgotten my promise..."-The Even-Handed

Faeru Kelvas - [Knight Premier of the Concordic Knights] Angels_sword_by_OmeN2501

Age: 47

Silver Fire:
-| | | | | | | | | | -
As the Concord's chosen upon Aeria, Faeru was the first to be exposed to the ability, nearly four years previous. As such, Faeru has grown into mastery in it's use, able to use both offensive and defensive forms.

-| | | | | | | | \ \-
Faeru has trained ceaselessly for the last 5 years under the eyes of the Elven Order of Tyr. Before this, he was a paladin within Prophet's order, before receiving Tyr's divine truth. As such, Faeru is incredibly skilled with a blade, especially so his consecrated Lucium blade, Judicature.

Holy Magic:
-| | | | | \ \ \ \ \-
Having served previously within Inarius' corrupted Order and studied extensively under the guidance of the Elven Order of Tyr, Faeru has more than adequate knowledge of the old craft, including Holy Auras and purification spells.

Concordic Rituals, Rites, and Dogma:
-| | | | | | | | \ \-
As receiver of Tyr's divine will and founder of the Concordic Knights, Faeru has been the mouth of the rituals, rites, and dogma of the Knights, passing it onto the first Prismatic scribes for inscription.


Appearance Information

Alignment:Lawful Good

+Current Task+
Spread the word of the Concord throughout Talibar:Current
Establish the Concordic Knights in Surna:Current
Act as temporary emissary of the Dominion:Current
Cleanse the lake of Ossus' taint:Current
Kill Ossus:Current


A Mithril tabard, seen above, with cloth adorned with holy runes of the Concord.

Upon completion of his training and acceptance of his status as Knight Premiere of the Concordic Knights, Faeru was granted this blade by the elderly Grandmaster of the Order of Tyr, Li'nau Tallithdar. Composed of flawless Lucium and consecrated in the name of the Concord, the Judicature is a fearsome blade for any servant of darkness to encounter, especially so in Faeru's hands.
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Faeru Kelvas - [Knight Premier of the Concordic Knights]
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