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 Mystis /Scars/ Vale

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PostSubject: Mystis /Scars/ Vale   Mystis /Scars/ Vale EmptyMon Apr 22, 2013 6:15 pm

Mystis /Scars/ Vale Ix47bl

Name: Mystis Vale
Age: 27
Race: Half-Elf (Vampire)
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Surna, Talibar

---------=| Description 'n' Appearance |=---------
-----------| Details |---------
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Bright Orange
Height: 6'1
Weight: 180 lbs


---------=| Personality 'n' Traits |=---------
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Positive Traits: Ambitious, Strong Will, Flexible, Fast
Negative Traits: Headstrong, Aggressive,
Languages: Common, Slight Elvish

---------=| Deity 'n' Affiliations |=---------
Deity: None.
Affiliations: None.
Record: Assault x2, Assault on a Minor x1, Arson x1, Extortion x1, Armed Assault x3, Robbery x1, Jailbreak x1
Prisoner on Parole.


---------=| Biography |=---------

Mystis was raised by a rich family, he was highly aware of his surroundings and often noticed small things others missed, but he was always interested in the poor people of Surna, wondering how they got by without dying. He wandered into the 'bad' part of town and was surprised only to see a few bums. He wandered around a bit before he whipped around and grabbed a pickpocket's wrist. The pickpocket stared at him in horror as Mystis laughed. Mystis had known he was there the entire time! The pickpocket begged Mystis for forgiveness and pleaded for his mercy, but Mystis knew thieves and knew he would just try it again. He dragged the thief across the city and tossed him off the cliff, no one knew it was Mystis that did it, all they knew is that it was one less pickpocket...for Mystis to compete with. Mystis grew older and eventually left to Surna's woods by himself. He stumbled upon a bandit encampment and nonchalantly walked into it, the bandits responded quickly with swords and knives, telling him to leave or be killed. Mystis laughed a blood curdling laugh and walked right between them, they did nothing as he walked towards the leaders hut. He set foot inside the hut with a loud, intimidating thud and the bandit leader turned with a look of hilarity in his eyes as he saw the man standing before him. He walked up to him and measured almost twice Mystis' height. He stood before Mystis and slowly felt himself shrinking as Mystis stared back at him with an evil glare. Mystis then stated, quite plainly to the bandit leader "I would like to join your ranks." in his usual heart striking voice. The bandit leader looked over Mystis and waved his hand in dismissal. Mystis took this as an opportunity and grabbed the knife at his side, stabbing the bandit leader in the back, letting him slide off his knife and onto the hut floor. Mystis stared at him with a slight tilt of his head, grinning to himself as he cut a line across the palm of his hand. Mystis walked out of the camp and took leadership over it, he soon dispatched of each bandit, one by one, stealing the best of their armor, claiming the land, and scarring his body after every kill...

---------=| Vale Family History |=---------
The Vale family is a well known family who started as adept magic using elves. Somewhere along the history, Artus, a male elf in the family, conceived a child with Alandra, a human in the Emertin family. They were both rich families and they got along well. Soon the entire Vale family was half-elves. Mystis is the son of Artus and Alandra's daughter, Alexandra, along with his sister. The Vale family is most wizards, but each half of the family had their arguments. So eventually the warrior side of the Vale family, and the wizard side of the family separated. Mystis and his sister were on the wizard side of the argument at the time. Him and his sister grew up in an excellent school but Mystis always 'hung out' with the poor kids. Mystis was found to not be very good with magic, his anger always driving the spells to be sparks of flame, or bursts of cold. Mystis enrolled in battleschool soon after his magical skills were assessed. He was always a good student but this drove the family to push him to the warrior side of the family. Mystis hasn't seen his elven sister or parents since...


---------=| Tasks 'n' Goals |=---------

Steal people's stuff - Canceled
Give himself scars after a kill -Canceled
Teach people who's boss -Canceled
Survive the bounty on his head -Complete
Impress Captain Dautry -Canceled
Change himself -Complete
Prove that Justice and Law are corrupt -Canceled
Get out of Jail Alive -Complete
Start a new life -

---------=| Inventory 'n' Equipment |=---------
[ Stitched Leather Armor]
[ Black Cloak]
[ Canteen of Blood ]
[ Titanium Longsword]
[ Steel Dagger]
[ Iron Dagger]
[ Lead Coated Steel Shortsword]
[ Vryium Shortsword]
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Posts : 457
Join date : 2012-02-04

Mystis /Scars/ Vale Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mystis /Scars/ Vale   Mystis /Scars/ Vale EmptyMon Apr 22, 2013 6:16 pm

(Obviously Thorogoodd's character. Posting for posterity.)

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Mystis /Scars/ Vale
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