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 Disheartened Sidan

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PostSubject: Disheartened Sidan   Disheartened Sidan EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 8:05 am

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-Abdul-Jalil Hilel Kashmir-

Quote :
There limps a man in poor spirits, stripped away of not only his arm, but his soul. He escaped his fate to try and start a new life, but what place does he have in life without his hope. Can a man work and earn honest pay with one arm, he can't support a job well with such a disability. He has no face, only burned flesh hiding behind the iron faceplate. What has been fixed about his life? He ran to escape, avoid the his previous destination of near suicide as he was formerly driven into depression. The man now walks, his shoulders burdened down, sagging carelessly with no reason to hold them up proudly. The only thing letting him survive is the the last of his coin, which he spends guzzling wine. The bright eyes of the cheerful sidan have now been replaced, sunken into the depths of his helmet where the shadows hide him. He looked toward the sun, the light for help, but dark his heart became. Although his spirit is low, his pockets are full, and there his drinking shall shove him further away.

They say what kills a man only makes him stronger, but what if they were killed, only to be later revived. Does that man still have his soul, or is only left a pathetic husk of his prior being?

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Disheartened Sidan
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