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PostSubject: Transmutation   Wed Apr 10, 2013 5:14 am

Transmutation is an mixture of Cognimacy and Chemistry. It is the direct application of increasing or decreasing bond strength between atoms within natural resources, such as sand and wood. In addition, Cognimacy is required to shape the objects themselves. Transmutation is a simple to learn, but extremely difficult to master. Others may know Transmutation as creation magic, as most applications of Transmutation is creating small objects, or if the mage is powerful enough, even some buildings depending on their location.

  • Creation

    The most basic form of Transmutation. Creation is the simple adjustment of bonds within an atom, causing things to pull apart or be closed together. The novice of creation magic, must have the object in hand, and be focusing on a singular shape, most will start with turning a cube piece of wood into a rectangle. The denser the material, the more difficult it becomes for one to adjust its shape. Metals are very uncommon in Transmutation for their high density, making them incredibly difficult to shape into objects that one desires, but yet once in that shape, they hold the best. While using creation magic to form shapes out of wood or other stronger materials, the shape will hold even after they stop adjusting the bonds. Although, if one to work with sand or dirt, the shape they create would have to support itself on its own after the channeling stops. This makes sand slightly more difficult to use, but yet a more popular material as figures can be made over and over again with the same sand with an easy reset.

  • Animation

    This is the most absolute difficult form of Transmutation. It is the manipulation of materials, to form an animate object. Anything created through Animation is non-sentient and never permanent, unlike some Creation object. One could think of an Animation as a physical conjuration. To control an Animation it requires absolute concentration, and every single movement must be commanded unlike conjurations,where an order can be given. Although, unlike conjurations, Animations are very very durable, depending on the material.  The most common material used for Animation is sand and water, for their ease of manipulation. Additionally, as sand and water are very malleable, it makes for incredibly difficult to kill animations, for any severed arm or leg, is recreated very quickly. Iron and wood Animations, are incredibly rare and only a few metal Animations have ever been heard of. The few metal Animations had also only been in existence for a very short amount of time as it tasks the Animator close to a point where they can pass out. Stone Animations are slightly more common than a wood animation, and actually easier to control. Stone Animations are usually not made out of solid stone, but cobblestone and smaller stones around them. This also makes for a much smaller Animation than others, as usually the materials are limited. The size of animation that can be created varies with the power of the Animator. The largest known Animation had been Two stories tall, and made out of water.

Materials that hold with tight fits are much easier to control than materials that are much more individual (e.g, Gravel vs Mud, mud is much easier to keep together than gravel or cobblestone)

Materials list and their usable functions:

Defensive Materials:

Sand: Sand is the most basic and easy to use material with transmutation. Although being heavy, the smartest of transmutation mages make their creations and animations hollow. Although, being hollow, this makes them very weak and easy to smack around. With each hit penetrating a creation or animation, it strikes the Creationist's endurance, having them spend focus on fixing the wound, or risking the creation from collapsing.

Sand is strong against piercing weapons such as swords, acting with more friction than most other materials. Sand can also dull blades much more easily.

Dirt: Dirt is usable, but not very versatile due to being weak to the most common weapon type around. It is generally  lighter than sand, and weaker against piercing weapons. When blunt weapons strike dirt/mud creations, the dirt sticks and acts as a web, slowing the blow and tiring the attacker out.

Water: Water is a good, all around material. Easy to repair, easy to form, and can be used in many different types of creations or animations. Although, extremely vulnerable to any type of Melee weapon, its incredibly easy to reform, with minimal strain on the Creator. Waters best use though, is against fortimacy mages and archers, dropping the velocity of projectiles.

One of the amazing features of water creations is their resilience. When confronted by an Ice mage that thinks he's smart enough to freeze the animation, the creation can just shatter itself, creating itself into a ice creation, containing the strength of sand, versatility of water and its easy repairing ability. Although, to freeze a water animation takes much effort and can only be frozen by experienced Ice mages.

Additionally, water creations are much faster than the sand and dirt creations, being able to slide along the ground.

Water creations cannot be equipped with weapons unless frozen.

Wood/ other solid materials: If present and in enough quantity, a transmutation mage can reinforce their animations/creations with more solid materials such as wood, or on smaller animations, they can fit armour onto them, although this puts more strain on the animator.

Offensive creations:

Transmutation magic itself is not so much focused around offense as it is defense. Although, a strong enough creationist can fell a tree on someone or throw a large amount of sand at someone, it is extremely tasking and an inefficient use of endurance.

Conductive metals: Conductive metals are very easy to mold and fashion into weaponry, but generally much weaker and very expensive. Most creationists will avoid using conductive metals other than silver (Against undead and the likes) and prefer to stick to heavy metals. These metals can be formed during the middle of a fight, but do require some time.

Heavy/ Strong Metals: Using such metals takes long preparation and endurance to both form and use. With a knowledge of fortimacy, creationists can heat up metals enough to form them into desired shapes, although not being as physically strong or as well crafted than being made than a blacksmith, they can use much more material and make custom fittings to their liking. A creationist cannot form heavy metals on the spot in the middle of a fight.

This is the most popular form of metal used in offensive transmutation.

Light metals: Light metals are very uncommon in transmutation unless forged by a professional smith(Despite being easily formed). Being easily formed by the creationist on the spot, it also means that they are easily dented and require constant repair in the middle of a fight, tolling the creationist more than any of the other metals, including the heaviest of metals. The one advantage of using a light metal is the sheer lightness, if a creationist wishes to avoid direct contact with a heavy animation, they can make a faster creation with incredibly sharp weapons, hoping for quick fights. Although, these weapons used by light creations cannot pierce the weakest of armours and break upon contact with them.

All Golem Animations are hollow as otherwise they are too heavy to control and collapse almost immediately or cause the Creationist to pass out after a short point of time. Parts of Animations though, can be solidified to hold object or reinforce an area, but the  majority of the creation must be hollow.

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PostSubject: Re: Transmutation   Sat Aug 24, 2013 8:53 am

Added a new portion, further explaining the uses of each material and how a Creationist would choose their materials. Plus, added restrictions and weaknesses to each.
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PostSubject: Re: Transmutation   Sun Aug 25, 2013 2:41 am

I'll need to read over this, but I believe Pat and the admins like it. However, it doesn't seem this magic is best suited for "regular" characters unless it has been nerfed in its latest update.
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PostSubject: Re: Transmutation   

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