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 The Art of Teleportation

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PostSubject: The Art of Teleportation   Mon Feb 11, 2013 5:03 pm

Quote :

The Art of Teleportation

Common Teleportation
Short Range-
Quick, fast jumps that send the person into tiny bits then reassemble at their location. This works for a range of a good one hundred feet before becoming useless. Races that can learn such talents are Vampires, Dragonborn and a select humans who have a high mastery of magic.
[See picture]

Long Range
A more common ability, which works the same way as short ranged teleportation but is much slower to cast, and travel. This also works in the way that the caster can only teleport to a location they have already been. With Common Teleportation, multiple people can be transported but as a high personal energy cost on the caster.

Portal Teleportation
The use of magic to open a "wormhole" in the fabric of reality. This wormhole has two ends and can be used both ways for travel. Magicians use these to transport people, supplies for shops, and sometimes armies to locations they have been. The size of the portal relies on the caster, and the energy source. Multiple people can open a portal of large size, but only for a short time. If a wormhole is closed when a person is being transported, depending on length, they will die.

For teleportation to work, the caster must have been at the location where he wants to teleport once before. Teleporting others does not void this, as long as the caster goes as well.

from the old forum unedited from Oct 02, 2010

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PostSubject: Re: The Art of Teleportation   Fri Feb 15, 2013 7:10 am

I think the lore may have changed, seeing particular race restriction where as now that list would need to be greatly altered. Also, teleportation still exists in Aeria, look under Secular magic schools, and there are two entire schools devoted to teleportation: Translocation (short/long range) and Regalication (Portal/Bringing both spaces together). Hell, it has its own devoted college of study, called Planumancy. = P

Just saying, I believe this lore exists, has been updated, or been outdated. <3

EDIT: The only thing I'm not seeing so intact from this post in modern Aeria is common-place usage of the 'short range teleport', though, truth be told; I feel maybe this is a good thing, melee combat is an intricate, and delicate exchange. This is exponentially so when dealing with group combat. I feel for the sake of sanity, group play, and for the survival of P2L within the server, maybe heavy use of short range translocation is best left undone.

Also, Regalication ftw.

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The Art of Teleportation
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