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 Sanctimonian Government Executes Demon Summoner

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PostSubject: Sanctimonian Government Executes Demon Summoner   Sat Dec 08, 2012 3:47 pm

Quote :
Sanctimonian Government Executes Demon Summoner
Date: Thursday, December 6, 790 MoP
Author:Pat Newton

Executions were held today in the capital city of Sanctimonia, Sanctimonia. Many high threat level targets were hanged publicly in the square of the city. Among these people, Marcus Olm, previous Surnan resident, was hanged until death for his crimes against the Sanctimonian government. After summoning and consulting with a demon, Marcus killed the Surnan Watch Commander, David Halberry, and multiple Black Watch and Watch members before fleeing into the woods with Mirage Silverspine. His terrorizing the people and the families of the victims can rest easy now that he is slain.

The Archivist's of Light have released Marcus to the Sanctimonian government after holding him from many months to get information on the Lich, Mirage Silverspine. They have sent a vanguard unit to act on this information in the pursuit to finally end the ancient Lich plaguing Aeria. They are to be arriving in Surna in the coming days.
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Sanctimonian Government Executes Demon Summoner
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