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 Rashad Orties.

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PostSubject: Rashad Orties.   Sun Nov 04, 2012 1:56 pm

General information. wrote:
Real Name: Rashad Orties
- Aliases:Big T, Tito
Nationality:African American
Birthplace:New Orleans

Physical Description wrote:
Appearance: 5'11 , Black NY Hat, Black Jacket, Long Stainless steel cross necklace, Baggy Olive Cargo pants,White Michael Jordon sneakers, First Generation Glock 17 in Hip holster

Biography wrote:
Rashad grew up in a Project in New Orleans, living with his aunt because his mother was addicted to Crystal Meth, His Aunt was Christian, As such he was too, In his younger years he went to church every Sunday. He went to School like any other child, His Early childhood being pretty normal. When he entered the 7th grade is when things started to turn around, Rashad was an obease child, as such he was picked on alot, usually he would ignore them and keep walking, but eventually he cracked, he would get into fights with whoever picked a fight with him, he would also stand up for other children who were being picked on or bullied. Gradually he lost weight, as he entered high school he no longer was an obease child, he lost the weight and signed up for Boxing in his Freshman year. He gradually got better at it, Winning more and more fights as he went into the ring, Things were going well for Rashad, he had a Silver medal in boxing, which he earned in a regional championship, But one day, in his Freshman year of college, he turned on the news. he was completely suprised when he saw his own face, drawn by a witness for the murder of a family in New Orleans, and it wasn't long until the police found him and convicted him, all the evidence somehow pointed to him, and he was sentenced to life in prison. His life had been thrown to the dogs and forgotten, atleast to the outside world. On the inside the police guards were definately currupt, when prisoners would be released into the yard guards would hold organized fights where the prisoners essentially beat the crap out of eachother until one or the other could'nt fight any longer, or submitted. Rashad would enter these fights, and he won plenty in the later times, but in the beggining he was just a scrawny college kid. He had made many vital mistakes in prison, like in the second year of his sentence, he dropped the soap. Life in prison was hellish for him, He had to play the game "Fend off the hairy old rapist" For a month until the rapist would be released, of course it was a rare occasion a rapist would be paired with him, and by the time it happened again, he was about 4 years into his sentence, and he was buffed up, he was one of the top fighters in the arena, he had learned not to be afraid to take a few cheap shots, not to be afraid of seriously maiming the other person, and he enjoyed fighting, He didin't enjoy it for the infliction of pain, or the adrenaline, the victories he earned gave him purpose, he was a fighter, simple. He had eventually earned a stage name, it was simple but perfect, He was known then as; Big T. Eventuallly he grew sick and tired of the constant fighting, and he prayed for the real killer to be found. he waited and waited, but nothing happened, he began losing hope that he would ever get out, until a watchman knocked on the bars of the cell, he said "Prisoner 2298? You've been released on your claim of innosence." Rashad looked up at him, with a simple response "What?" and the Watchman replied You've been released, Somebody looked into your case and it turns out you didin't kill anyone, Turns out it was somebody else in the same neighborhood you lived in, Now C'mon get out of here." Rashad could'nt barely believe his ears, His life had turned back around, He left his cell, walking through the halls, until he reached the exit, He got back his clothing and possessions from when he was incarcerated; a half eaten candy bar which was long expired, his clothing, along with some old Baseball cards. He took a Taxi back to town... (Will continue later)

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Rashad Orties.
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