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 Olden needs your help

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Olden needs your help Empty
PostSubject: Olden needs your help   Olden needs your help EmptyFri Nov 02, 2012 6:52 pm

As everybody knows, our script's been ruined by the GMod 13 update. While I've received word that Tiramisu is being worked on, we very much need a temporary script.

So, I ask you guys to help us in our search for a usable script. If you see anything, if you have a friend at another community, or you know someone with access to a script, tell us. Your contribution will be greatly valued.

I, of course, will also be looking for a script. But in the meantime, with the server inoperable, I will also see about working on Aeria's forum roleplay, so that there may be an alternative in the case that no script is found and Tiramisu takes a while to fix.

Edit : Just an FYI. You can now join the server without fear of getting kicked because of lua errors. If you're willing to roleplay without a script, as far as I know, everything but the script works - so feel free. Roleplay isn't about gamemodes, after all, but about text, and your ability to tell a story. Just be aware that, at the moment, everyone starts out with weapons. Anyone reported using the server's vulnerability to grief other players will receive a forum ban of several days.
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Olden needs your help
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