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 Roland Vulcor's Journal

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PostSubject: Roland Vulcor's Journal   Roland Vulcor's Journal EmptyThu Oct 18, 2012 1:24 pm

The Journal was found a month or two after his death. No dates were ever written

Page 1

Entry 1
I have just left the boat and have arrived in a city in Vale. My wife and I have bought a home in a harbor city. My son or daughter will be born in a few months, and I'm hoping to be able to get settled in first.

Entry 2
Its been a few weeks since I arrived in Vale, and things are nice. The house is big enough for us, and our life is nice.

Entry 3
Our son is here, we have decided to name him Gregory. Life here is still good, but I was hoping to help people, and Vale appears to not be the place for it.

Entry 4
My wife has allowed me to leave Vale to go help people elsewhere. I must not let anyone know of my marriage or my son for the safety of them.

Page 2

Entry 1
I have arrived in a city called Surna, and already I can see that there are some people here that are friendly.

Entry 2
Demons have attacked, me and my friends managed to defeat them, but I fell that my age is starting to get the best of me.

Entry 3
As the days pass by, and the world seems to be trying to kill me more and more often, I can only think to go back when everything was peaceful. The city of Surna appears to be a battlefield, always being overran with monsters, yet the people are still nice.

Entry 4
I fell as my enemies become stronger and stronger, I will soon be killed. Halaster, Duncan, Aedelric, all my friends, if my son comes to Surna, make sure he stays safe, because when I first saw him as a newborn, I knew he was destined for great things.

(The Rest of the Pages are blank)
Roland Vulcor's Journal ItalianJournal
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Roland Vulcor's Journal
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