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 Attention Event Coordinators

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PostSubject: Attention Event Coordinators   Attention Event Coordinators EmptyFri Oct 12, 2012 1:04 pm

For all Event Coordinators - Which I think includes Asian Shoemaker, Pear, Venom, Boom, and Phoenix -

It is time to exercise your powers. I will need your aid for the upcoming "Festival of the Blessed Maiden", which starts tomorrow, October 12, and runs until Sunday. I will need you to help run the inserver games (as NPC clowns), help keep the server in order, meaning kicking or banning any minges or troublemakers, and I will need you guys to act as servers (of food) for the Feast on Sunday. I will be present both tomorrow and Saturday, to help run the events. I will need your help especially on Sunday, because I won't be there until 9 pm Pacific Standard Time. So I will be expecting you to coordinate with the other admins to decide when the Feast should take place. It will close the Festival, and should be a simple event in the Crook and Horns with a lot of good, free food.

If you have characters that can take the place of an NPC - having taken a temporary job as a merry-man or waiter/waitress - have them do so. Feel free to take shifts, rotate out event management. If any of you have questions / concerns, feel free to message me.
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Attention Event Coordinators
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