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 Location : Carac Antur

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PostSubject: Location : Carac Antur   Thu Sep 27, 2012 10:08 pm


Once the beautiful "City of Lights", Carac Antur is now an overgrown ruin, a scar on the landscape to be reclaimed by the forests. Located in southern Vaetira forest, it is treated with a mixture of fear and reverence by the natives. The site of a horrific massacre at the hands of Dark Elf warlord Bel Caroc during the God Wars, Carac Antur is now said to be guarded by a host of fallen Daefar warriors, cursed to defend and honor the graves of those they slaughter. Legends say that the brutal warlord himself commands the undead there, protecting whatever last treasures of the ancient Tymafar that remain.
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Location : Carac Antur
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