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 Region : The Western Coast

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PostSubject: Region : The Western Coast   Thu Sep 27, 2012 9:08 pm


The rocky, warm shores of Estivon. Possessing little in the way of gentle, sandy beaches, it is quite similar - an extension, really - of Sanctimonia's Dragon Coast. Often times the forests lead all the way to the cliffs, before stopping. This is the most heavily populated region of Estivon; four, heavily populated port cities line the coast, originally Talibarian colonies, now centers of Dominion industry. Old, abandoned Talibarian forts dot the coast, overlooking new Dominion forts. A great deal of trade moves through this region, making it a prime target for pirates. Dominion vessels of war patrol these waters frequently, but beyond the four ports, there are few places to land safely.

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Region : The Western Coast
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