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 Region : Lower Heartlands

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PostSubject: Region : Lower Heartlands   Thu Sep 27, 2012 8:42 pm


The warm, green hills and fields of the Lower Heartlands. A fertile basin surrounded by forests to the west, south, and east, it is the warmer cousin of the northern Santimonian Heartlands. Traditional Wild Elf agricultural villages dot these fields, sustenance farmers who tie planting and harvesting to religious meaning. Traditionally the most docile region of Estivon, it nevertheless has it's darker corners. Overgrown ruins dot the landscape, almost entirely reclaimed by nature, while the scars of battle can still be seen. The Wild Elf villages in this region are swiftly disappearing, being broken up and relocated, replaced by imported workers growing cash crops and foods to be imported. Dominion forces regularly patrol the region.
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Region : Lower Heartlands
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