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 Aeria: Home of Wayward Souls

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The vast world of Aeria stretches out around you. Mountains, forests, tundras, deserts and oceans span swaths of the continent, carving and shaping the land. None of this matters to you right now, however. Your eyes sweep over the sprawling tracts of woodland that span out to the distant mountains visible from your place atop the walls surrounding the trade city of Surna.

The year is 790 MoP (Miracle of Peace), aptly named the “Age of Dead Heroes,” and no place on Aeria better embodies this title more than Surna, whose catacombs hold the ashes of some of the greatest heroes Aeria has ever known. Times have changed, though, and even this once proud city has been swept up in this age of greed brought about by the technological revolution known as gunpowder. Where magic and steel once stood, the arquebus now reigns as the people’s weapon; the great equalizer, throwing the power and mystique of magic under the rug, right beside the fall of the Talibarian Empire nearly two hundred years ago.

Fortunately for magic users, Surna has always been a safe refuge for all different types, even now with the Sanctimonian flag flying high and Tyr’s (the god of justice) church bells ringing day by day. Perhaps due to it’s central trade locale, or it’s long and shady history, the city once known as a jewel has become a den of cultists and worshipers of the dark gods, in addition to a large criminal underground comprised of all manner of races from all across Aeria.

And so, you finally turn away from the wall and begin to move back toward the center of the city… Aeria’s last bastion of the age of heroes, Aeria’s den of vice and occultic evils, Aeria’s melting pot of cultures and races and Aeria’s very future.

Welcome to Surna, Catalyst of Fates.

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Aeria: Home of Wayward Souls
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