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 The Archivists of Light

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PostSubject: The Archivists of Light   Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:41 pm


Originally for Aeria by Xeloras.

The Archivists of Light


The Archivists came into being hundreds of years ago, originally dedicated to the intense study of the nature of light. The earliest Archivists were all worshipers of Aten, believing that from the light from the Sun and Stars, they could obtain divine intelligence, and become greater than those around them. This was around the time of the Low Caliphate of Sida, when the Archivists started as humble monks dedicated to Aten.

As time went on, the Archivists gained a strong following, and continued to study the light, years went on and the Organization grew, their numbers totaling a thousand members as the second empire began to dawn, and the Weave came to become more popular. The Weave became a tool to the Archivists, they began to use it to properly capture and study light, as well as bend it in a variety of ways.

The Archivists organization slowly changed over the years though, the light gradually became less important. While their original intention was to use the Weave as a tool, it they started depending on it more and more in daily usage, then the High Caliphate came around, and it sparked a revolution in the Archivists.

Aten quickly became less of a worry to the Archivists, and the weave gave them a raging burning of curiosity in their souls. The Archivists, in this explosion of culture, started to reform its order, becoming less centric around Aten, and more about the tool they had so long used to study his resonance. Magic became the heart of the Organization.

From that point on, magic evolved in the hands of the Archivists, it developed and grew to a point where they had a very good understanding of it. With which, they managed to expand their Organization in many ways, and begin to reroute their purpose, trying now to teach magic while still learning more themselves.

The ranks of the Archivists are strange in comparison to other Orders, mostly because they aren't completely Linear.


The Headmaster runs the council as well as looks over the Archivists' realm. The Headmaster is the most influential person in the entire Organization, and usually the strongest mage there.

Head Librarians

The three Head Librarians are in charge of all other librarians, entitled to organizing them, and watching over them on bigger jobs. They also advise the Council and Headmaster when need be. The Head Librarians are constantly moving in and out of the Archivists' Realm, attending to business inside, and outside of it, they are usually incredibly good magic users.

Council Members

There are a total of 30 Council members, all entitled to making decisions for the majority of the Organization, they stay within the Realm, overlooking Researchers or Teachers through Scrying, or in the flesh if the Lessons or observations happen to be taking place within the Realm. They are usually fairly strong magicians, although some have been lacking in the magic department, and are allowed into the position purely because of their abilities in other fields, such an occurrence is rare however.

High Librarians

These Librarians are usually in charge of managing the gateways between Aeria and the Archivists' Realm, as well as organizing texts dedicated to the study of magic. They advise Researchers and Teachers, sharing with them any knowledge they might need, High Librarians also do things other librarians might, such as recruit, or assist other members in things.

Teachers and Researchers

A key part in the organization, these are members dedicated to the education of others, or to the research and expansion of the knowledge of magic. They are magicians who come in many different varieties, some skilled in only a few areas, while some have less experience but in more categories, they are strong in different and many ways, and are vital to the organization.


The busybodies of the organization. The Librarians are entitled to a variety of tasks, including assisting Teachers and Researchers, organizing texts, watching over the gates, and whatever else is needed at the time. The librarians are also Cannonfodder in a context, great in numbers, and not so high in skill, they tend to get shot down quickly in a fight. Any librarians that are fit for combat are usually promoted to High Librarians.


People newly introduced into the order, usually weak magicians or proper ones, looking for higher learning and power.

The Archivists' Realm

The Archivists' Realm exists outside of Aeria, the main body of the Realm is a massive College, held into existence due to its heart, which is made of pure Cordonium, a large piece found by Horace Mann, who was once a Head Librarian in the Organization. The Realm exists as a home to higher members of the order, the library of the Archivists, and as a storage space. It is possible for people skilled enough in the magic needed to go to the realm, to possibly pluck items out of it, or take others with them to it.

It is traditional for anyone at the rank of High Librarian or Teacher or anyone higher to take a piece of Cordonium and place it near the Heart after adding some of their own magic to it. Anyone who has a piece of their magic added to the Heart is to be highly respected by those below them, it's the jump in respect like that between talking to a five year old and a 60 year old man.

To enter the Realm, be it by teleportation or through one of the gates scattered through Aeria, a form of identification is needed, be it an Archivists' Seal, a book from the library, you just need to prove you are a member to gain access.

// More to add to this in the future, when need be.

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The Archivists of Light
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