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 Sector 20, Planet UU-73.

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Sector 20, Planet UU-73. Empty
PostSubject: Sector 20, Planet UU-73.   Sector 20, Planet UU-73. EmptyTue Sep 11, 2012 3:48 pm

Sector 20, Planet UU-73. 52

Name: UU-73.
Sector: 20.
Owner: Not claimed.
Adjacent planets in Solar System: None of importance.
Planet Level: 3.
Moons: 0.
Population: Null.
Dominant Environment: Highly volcanic planet, thick atmosphere of volcanic gas and ashes.
Resources: Massive amounts of shipbuilding metals detected.
Strategic Importance: Large supply of metals.

Planet UU-73 is a fledgling volcanic planet in a solar system of dead rocks. Oceans of molten lava bubble around it, giving off huge readings of precious ship-metal material. As well as on the surface, the hardened rock that gives the same readings. Whoever claims this will have a large source of metal for building anything from space stations and colonies to warships.

Let the claiming begin.