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PostSubject: Aasimar   Sun Sep 09, 2012 3:30 pm


Quote :

The Aasimar are humans, elves, or any other race that were given holy powers by Tyr. These powers were given to them to defend Aeria from the evil that lives on the world.

Quote :

The Aasimar have many different features and abilities that point them out from the rest:

White Hair
-Aasimar's Hair is turned a pearly white, this stays with them their entire life.

Very Young Facial Features
-To have these protecters stay in Aeria for some time, they now live almost 3 times they would if they weren't given these powers

Yellow Eyes
-Aasimar's eyes turn Yellow after they are given these powers, this is clearly oblivious to most people.

Silver Wings
-These wings given them the ability to fast, low altitude flight.

Resistance to Ice
-They're powerful Holy Powers make they're skin resistant to Ice.

An enchanted golden necklace is given to all Aasimars when they get to the age of 18.All Aasimars have the ability to transform into holy warriors. After transformed they gain powerful equipment
Quote :

Powerful Silver Sword
-This powerful sword can pierce even the most tough of Steel, and is almost unbreakable.

Great Holy armor
-This armor is extremely powerful, almost 5 times as powerful as steel and is very light to whoever wears it.

A downside comes with these powers. The Aasimars are more vulnurable to demonic magic when not in their warrior form, and Aasimar are very weak when not tranformed, and as the evil creatures of Aeria become more powerful, they will soon be more powerful than these warriors. Tyr predicted this would happen, and to counter it, he has selected some Aasimar to be stronger than the rest. These Aasimar are called Great Aasimar. These are different and more powerful.

Quote :

Powerful Silver Spear
-This Spear is much more powerful than the Sword given to normal Aasimars, able to pierce 2 inches of steel.

Super Strength and Speed
-Great Aasimars have a large increase in strength and speed.

Golden Wings
-Great Aasimars' wings are changed from silver to gold.

White Aura
-This white aura is visable to the naked eye, and is sensable by other Aasimars.
-The aura is visable in their normal and warrior form.

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PostSubject: Re: Aasimar   Sun Sep 09, 2012 3:42 pm

Whilst I would love Aasimar to feature in the lore, just to diversify it all up, I do have a few things to constructively criticise.

The whole idea of the equipment and weaponry, whilst I suppose makes sense alongside the Tyr-given powers, is a bit ehhhhh. I think race threads should purely just be that, first and foremost about the race. Equipment and the such- I'd keep away from it, it's a bit too crazy magic in a time when we want to limit magic a little more than it was previously. Also it might get a bit OP. Just a bit.

And transforming, eh, cool concept but not sure how appropriate it would be for RP. I'm not seeing enough of a drawback for it to be a valid template for a character. Which, I guess, is what a race should be- a nice solid ground to build individuality and stuff out of.

Also reading Christoph's lore, I'm wondering if taking attributes from both would be worthwhile, combining suggestions and tweaking it accordingly.

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