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 Pychekan Blight Disaster!

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PostSubject: Pychekan Blight Disaster!   Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:34 pm

Pychekan Blight Disaster!
Date: Monday, September 3ed, 790 MoP.
Author: Gregory Allandor

The Republic of Pycheko has released a statement to the Sanctimonian government that one of their manufactured war-golems, or Golymskayas, was sabotaged by a terrorist enchanter in one of their factories. This golem evaded capture as the Pychekans were not equipped properly to destroy it, and is heading towards Surna. The Pychekans have found the terrorist to be a follower of Ossus, and have relinquish information from him that the golem is, in lamens terms, a blight-bomb. The embassy says in its country's defense,"They are made to have unfaltering loyalty.. we did not build weapons to destroy it because of this." Lieutenant-Kommissar Volosin of the Pychekan Kommissariat, as well as lead detective for hunting down Pychekan criminals in Surna, talked with the now late Commander Halberry.

The Kommissar asserts that the Commander granted him atleast 50 men to be dispatched to Surna in order to deal with the blight threat, and try to contain it once it was released. The Kommissar had this to say,"The Surnan Guard's cannon firepower would no doubt be able to destroy it. But that is not my concern, my concern is containing the foul touch of Ossus and destroying it. The men that Commander Halberry allowed are already in Embassy walls, and it would be a waste to send them away now. We are experts with Ossus, let us handle it and we assure you this sort of thing will never occur again. Long live the peace between our nations."

As cannons are lined around the walls of the city, people begin to question why the terrorist would choose Surna, of all places, rather than a Pychekan city. The Embassy had this to say,"His intentions are set on not only sparking a war between both of our nations, but strengthening his lord Ossus in return. He sent his drone to attack Surna to do so." The days whittle down to the golem attacking, as tensions rise between the Republic and Sanctimonia.
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Pychekan Blight Disaster!
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