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The Watch Equipment 2spookiequipment


Quote :
The Watch tends to give the same uniform out to each recruit, and only on certain special occasions (such as a shortage of equipment or encumbrance of the equipment upon the wearer) will the standard outfit be changed. In some towns, the uniform varies from another, but by the guidelines set down by the Sanctimonian Crown, the Watch generally wears what it is ordered to.

Quote :
The Standard Outfit:
Each man who joins the guard recieves a standardized Lobster Helmet made of brass-coloured Steel. Included upon the design of the helmet are brass-coloured cheek guards to protect the wearer from sword cuts to the face from the side. Also included is a sloped visor guard with small metal clips for use with the attachable veil, which protects the watchman from certain harms and in certain cases it can hide their identity.

Taken from old designs and influenced by the rapidly changing environment of combat, each watchman is issued with a Steel Breastplate which is worn across the chest and back and tied by reinforced straps on either side of the wearer. At the back and bottom of the breastplate there are rivets and fixings in a belt-like shape which allow for the attachment of a ring or chainmail battle-skirt, which (although covering the legs and ankles) is light and protects the watchman from stray shrapnel hits and in some cases, cuts to the legs and vital parts such as the hamstring. Provided for certain men also are shoulderguards, which are mainly taken from standard designs. These can vary.

To protect the hands and to improve the fist-fighting proficiency of each individual watchman, each man is outfitted with lamellar gauntlets forged with steel materials, which whilst also doubling as a vambrace, can be used to punch out teeth, delivering mail blows to choice parts of the opponent. The gloves upon the end of the gauntlets can be removed, allowing greater mobility of the hands and operation of pistols and weaponry.

Finally, the Watch is tasked with keeping their firearms safe. As such they do not keep their gunpowder in bags as certain civilians have been like to do in the past. Instead, the government issues the metals to each Watch blacksmith to create enough gunpowder horns for a garrison, which can be filled with blackpowder and aid in the loading of a large firearm. They can be tied to a belt or hung from a hook, as they work with the same clips and fixings used on every piece of watch equipment.

List of Watch Equipment (for quick reference)

Quote :
  • 1 iron longsword OR 1 iron pike OR 1 iron mace
  • 1 wooden cudgel
  • Armor & uniform ("The Standard Outfit")
  • 1 matchlock pistol OR 1 Matchlock Arquebus
  • 50 lead ball rounds (replenishable)
  • Officers Only: 1 motile-lock pistol OR 1 motile-lock rifle

** Further changes will be added to this page when needed.
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The Watch Equipment Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Watch Equipment   The Watch Equipment EmptyWed Oct 03, 2012 10:40 am

The Surnan Watch has long been outmatched by the powerful threats it faces. In the wake of the failed attack on Vladislav Radimir, Commander Volten Ogoni has taken several bold measures to increase its effectiveness.

Watchmen who exhibit any affinity for magic will be trained in very basic spellcraft. They will learn how to dispell magic and defend themselves against magical attacks.

Training will be altered to be more rigorous and demanding. Extensive background checks will be conducted on new recruits. Corrupt Watchmen will not be tolerated.

Watchmen may be called upon to assist Ser Barton Friedhold's task force (The 'Irregulars') to ensure its success.

The Black Watch will work closely with the Surnan Watch to train its men and women in combating dark creatures.

New Watch gear:

  • Blessed silver rounds: Now standard issue, these lead ball rounds are coated in a layer of silver, and blessed with the holy energies of the Pact. Against evil, they are deadly.
  • Silver Dagger: Plated with silver, infused with holy power, and razor-sharp. All guards are taught in the maintenance of these delicate weapons.
  • Rarely, a Watchman may be allowed to carry one or more grenades.
    Blessed Flame Grenade: A blessed grenade that explodes to produce a potent burning liquid. This holy fire is deadly to all dark creatures.
    Fragmentation Grenade: Dangerous to carry, but highly effective in combat. These grenades explode violently upon being triggered, and can be augmented with blessed silver fragments.
    Force Grenade: Highly effective in crowd control. These grenades can be loaded with sanctified silver powder, sure to eradicate dark creatures.

The Elite Guardsmen are needed now more than ever, and may be seen more frequently on patrol. They are outfitted with heavy armor, shields, tempest maces, gas masks, and any of the above items.
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The Watch Equipment
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