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Divine Magic

Divine magic is a term that describes a large variety of mostly unaffiliated types of magic that share only one trait in common; they all derive their energy and design from deities or otherwise divine entities. Unlike Secular Magic, Divine Magic does not need to operate on distinct principles of physics and the flow of energy; that is, the rituals and the effects thereof can be anything the deity or divine entity wishes, so long as the being has the power to grant it. Divine Magic is conditional, and in some cases, contractual - Divine Magic is the gift of power from higher, immortal entities to lesser creatures, usually for the extension of the deity's will on Aeria. The effectiveness of Divine Magic is in most cases directly linked to the faith and devotion of the mortal receiving the blessing. While there are some rituals as complex and esoteric as spells in Secular Magic, the use of these rituals relies more on the faith and character of the individual than his or her's innate magical power. They employ far more symbolism and underlining meaning than Secular spells. All Divine Magic save Shar's Shadow Magic and the dark gifts of Demonic Magic originate from the Deity's Tower, meaning that if the Tower were to be destroyed in some way, all blessings to the Deity's servants would cease.


Miracles are a unique aspect of Divine Magic. Miracles are the direct, willful intervention of a deity, and is universally present in all religions save Demonic Cults (when the demon in question is not on the mortal plane). Miracles involve the exercise of power and feats that only deities are capable of, such as the resurrection of the recently dead, the healing of the irrevocably maimed, changing the course of battles, sudden natural disasters, and so on. The very nature of a miracle makes it difficult to determine how, why, and when exactly miracles take place. There have been recorded accounts of "men of great faith and worthy deed" praying in times of disaster or injury, and receiving healings or even obliterating an opposing army. Yet there have also been times when faithful men receive no aid, and fall to whatever besets them - just as how the faithless have suddenly been healed. To judge exactly when a miracle should occur is to try to know the minds of gods. Even harder to discern are natural disasters. Myths and rumors have always sprung up around this event or that. Most scholars believe, however, that disasters occur from natural, unguided processes, with the occasional rumblings of Dyaus.

Holy Magic
Holy Magic refers to power derived from one of the three gods of the Elven Concordic religion, Aten, Tyr, or Illmatyr. Usually viewed as a positive influence, Holy Magic has nevertheless been used for very evil goals in the past, most recognizably under the false rule of the Prophet. A unique distinction can be noticed among these deities - while Tyr's offensive gifts, such as Silver Fire or "Smite" cannot harm anyone save beings with a distinct dark essence about them - Vampires, Werewolves, Dark Elves, Shadow Mages or Demons - Aten's purifying flames make no such distinction. Unique amongst all the races, Alfar and Aasimar have a special connection and affinity for certain fields of Holy Magic. Alfar can easily and naturally utilize 'Sun Flame', owing to their connection to the Sun God Aten, and the Aasimar possess unique external manifestations, including ethereal wings, as well as the ability to use Holy artifacts without the normally necessary belief.

  • Blessings:

    Blessings are abilities awarded for great deeds or exceptional devotion. Most often given to warriors of the faith, they are gifted, innate abilities that can be called upon at any time, with no magical expenditure, so long as their faith and character stands true. Usually blessings require little in the way of knowledge or ritual, and can be activated with little more than a saying or simple prayer,or even at will. These usually include more straightforward offensive or protective abilities. Examples include the Knights Concordic's Silver Fire, a Paladin's Protective Wards, or the "Smite" ability.

  • Rituals:

    Rituals are more complicated examples of Holy Magic that do not need to be granted by the deity. Consisting of more detailed, complex effects, Rituals are like Secular Magic in that one needs knowledge of the appropriate procedures before the desired effect can come about. Rituals are usually studied by Priests or other authorities and spreaders of the faith. Rituals usually require extensive preparation and time, and can include devotional chanting, prayer, the use of holy water, fire, incense, holy symbols, and so on. Examples include Clerical Exorcism, Aten's Immunity to Flame, or the Tattoos of the Martyrs of Illmatyr.

Shadow Magic
The twisted antithesis to Holy Magic, Shadow Magic emerges from the deity Shar, the Mistress of Lies, the Queen of Darkness and the Shadowed Blade. Many myths and falsehoods surround its nature and form, as much as Holy Magic - even the most well-versed human scholars or Alfari historians are unaware of its true origins. In truth, Shadow Magic was formed through the deception, by Shar, of the Daefar. Preying upon their dissatisfaction with the ruling Alfari culture, Shar appeared in a disguise as Lloth, and led the Daefar out of the Ahdsurian Isles. Once there, Shar bound them as a whole to this false-god Lloth, uniting their passions and very souls into a single identity. Thus the Shadow Weave was born, upon the spirits of the Daefar, with the newly born Oversoul of the Dae - Lloth - acting as its anchorage. As such, the Shadow Weave is uniquely bound to the Daefar as a race. Each and every Daefar is connected in an unbreakable way to the Shadow Weave, capable of preforming spells with it as universally as can a human with 'normal' magic - if not more.

Outside of the Daefar, Shar maintains utter and complete control over access to Shadow Magic. Use requires, by definition, true and faithful worship of Shar; failure to do so will lead to the Shadows abandoning the user, sometimes in their moment of most need. Shar pays close attention to all her followers, and demands nothing short of utter loyalty and obedience.

Unlike Holy Magic, Shadow Magic allows almost as much variety as 'normal' Magic in its usage. Unlike 'normal' magic, however, one can only go so far without communion with the Shadows. Advance within the power of the shadows is linked to one's devotion to the Dark Goddesses' will.


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Divine Magic
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