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 Abdul-Jalil Hilel Kashmir

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Ruben Kashmir

Proper Name
Abdul-Jalil Hilel Kashmir




Nasii, Sida



Mercenary; Bounty Hunter

Impure beings such as vampires and the undead.

Life of Abdul-Jalil Hilel Kashmir
26th of Alturiak, MoP 758

Abdul-Jalil Hilel Kashmir, child of Tamir Abdul-Quddus and Aman Shadhaa Kashmir, was born on the 26th of Alturiak, MoP 758. He came forth from the ashes of the flaming desert, raised in the patrician district of Nasii, Sida. Tamir, his noble and wealthy father, had a sizable hold in the slavery business. Meanwhile, Ruben was raised and brought up by his mother, Aman. Wealth and money wasn't a huge concern of his parents lives, but more so the capability of his father being able to provide as much for his family as possible.

26th of Alturiak, MoP 770

The day of turning age twelve, Ruben came to the his time of understanding and responsibility, his conscience able to purely determine right from wrong by now. With this new found maturity and other responsibilities, he was brought to the Temple of Aten to be purified and start his life fresh and clean. As he was dabbed with the symbolic cloth during the ritual, the burning hot water seemed to have a small affect on Ruben as he showed minimal pain. An adolescent wouldn't have been able to stand firm and still during his first ritual, enduring the pain with merely a wince. The priest took great interest in young Ruben, feeling a connection to him as if he were naturally selected to be a follower of Aten; this was all based off the way he could handle the initiation of maturity and purification of Aten.

As Ruben neared the end of his short educational years, he was then commenced into the training and knowledge from a priest. His parents forced Ruben into taking the option of growing up to one day become a priest of Aten, feeling that it would serve himself well. Their family's name and title would be appraised with greater reputation because of the parents having such a virtuous, pure, and selected son.

26th of Alturiak, MoP 776

The beginning of adulthood, Ruben had just turned eighteen. His character was calm though persistent, patient and willing; he was ready to receive his ordination into becoming a priest and ready for the authorities and responsibilities following. Ruben had successfully become a servant and worshiper of Aten, taking his duty overly serious. His duty was to purify those asking for penance, dabbing them with the burning fluids of Aten's warmth, and he was also liable for burning offerings.

6th of Hammer, MoP 784

Ruben nearing his twenty sixth year of age, still twenty five though, began to become recognized in Nasii. The reputation he was gaining wasn't good at all, nor was his actions viewed by the common man. His heart was once kindled with passion and care, that is until his flame had been extinguished by a strong commitment to the will of Aten. His mind was blocked by a strong layer of obedience and will to his deity, beginning to go out of his way to fulfill the deeds of Aten. Purification needed to be spread, but the ways Ruben was expanding the influence of this purification was despised and had angered many.

On the 6th of Hammer, MoP 783, Ruben had collected a high bounty on his head. Over the past months he had started to take strangers and purify them. He believed many of the souls in Nasii needed intense cleansing, in which caused him to start burning people alive. At first some had was viewed him as a murderer, but his priest title cloaked him as a man doing his duties. He wasn't evil, but he merely had his judgement clouded by the thought of everyone being so impure. He was taking his responsibilities too far and excessively administrating his authority. During these months he had burned dozens upon dozens of people to death to clean their souls, and he was given the impression that these people were so filthy and terrible that they weren't even capable of being cleansed, the reason they died during the purification.

Just weeks prior to the large bounty being put on his head, Ruben had killed off some family to a high and noble man. Ruben's parents even went incognito to avoid any further disgrace to their family's name, and to avoid prosecution. Ruben's practices went past those of a priest and he was viewed by the public as mad man, a priest who was out of control. Ruben killed part of the noble man's family because of the belief that they were part of a discrete cult planning on destroying the Temple of Aten. The result of his random accusations backfired, because after he had killed the family, the noble man took action. The noble felt both threatened and angered by the death of his family, and in fear that the priest would even try to hurt him, he put a five thousand silver coin bounty on Ruben's head.

The guard was just on the verge of taking Ruben to the chief judge to have him sentenced for public execution, but because of the bounty, they decided to let the public deal with the death on their own. They also didn't want any guards getting involved when men would kill others just to get the head of the priest, trying to prevent any harm to the guards. On the same day, the 6th of Hammer, Ruben had fled from Nasii with most of his mobile possessions.

11th of Mirtul, MoP 787

Of the age twenty-nine, Ruben had been living in in Cramiche for about three years. He walked the coast of Sida and crossed into Cramiche during his escape, his traveling coming to a stop as he became interested with the deep history of one of the possible oldest cities in the world. As he moved away from his environment back in Nasii, he came to his senses. As he ran away and dived into the outside world, his senses were strongly awoken. He regretted what he did, committing himself to several rituals of purification week. He was robbed of his emotions and heart, but finally he gained back his passion and care when he left Sida. The bounty on his head remained and he decided to go under the disguise of a mercenary and bounty hunter, trying to play it off his best.

On the 11th of Mirtul, Ruben left Cramiche for Surna. He felt like getting as far away from Sida as possible, cause even three years after his bounty still stood because it still hadn't been collected. The death of dozens by a crazy priest was a huge rumor and story for a few days across the vast desert, proving that he couldn't hide from the truth even as far as Cramiche. He decided to drop into Surna to continue his career as a mercenary, though remaining a strong and dedicated worshiper of Aten. He feels as if he gained his penance over the years, Aten forgiving him because Ruben's blessings were still in his life.

30th of Nightal, MoP 789

Two years had Ruben been traveling, teaching of Aten and his purification of the souls. Daily he practiced his art in magic, collecting his salary as he completed many jobs offered to him. He became very successful by the time he made it to Surna on the 30th of Nightal. Being a mercenary and bounty collector is just another way of purifying the land, without going overboard as he did before though. It still weighs him down in his heart, though he does his best to forget his doing back in Nasii. He doesn't understand how to take it, because he was still doing the deeds of Aten, just excessively. Ruben, upon entering Surna, struggled the first week. He constantly changes his home, living in different areas of Surna temporarily.

Art of Fire
4th of Ches, MoP 770

After Ruben became twelve years of age, he spent the following week learning the duties and responsibilities he would have to commit himself to when he became older. As he resumed his education in the Temple of Aten, he was taught about the power of Aten and his many blessings. At the end of his first week and the beginning of his next, he began being taught by one of the older worshipers of the Temple whose duty was to help those seeking knowledge. He was gifted with the fire of Aten, able to control the threads of intense heat, the flames of life. There was no one better for Ruben to learn from the power of Aten and the ability to control fire.

For the next six years, up until the 26th of Alturiak, MoP 776, Ruben was taught the capabilities and the uses of fire magic. When he became a priest he was too old for another of his level to continue teaching him. Even with his authorities and responsibilities, he committed himself to independent study. He became very experienced over time, his goal to be strong enough to protect the temple from any invasions. As a servant and priest of Aten, that was one of his major duties. With his true and pure dedication, he was blessed by Aten to much easily access his power. This is where Ruben was brought to the power of fire, able to control it in its very nature.

Face of an Uncommon Man

Ruben shall never look upon others with the sheer smile he showed before, his face covered in a cast of iron. The day he escaped, he had torched the skin off his face to extremely throw off his looks. No one shall remember the face that once became known for terrible deeds as a priest. He is lucky enough though to have not melted his eyes right out of his sockets. When he had burnt his face he thought he had removed all the skin, when he actually meant to only burn it enough to swell and become blistered, making it look like he was merely a victim of the priest's purification than the actually priest himself. On his quick journey, he managed to find a doctor who could heal off most of his skin, but the lower half of his face from the nose down shows complete muscle and is skinless, whilst the upper part is perfectly fine. He took his misfortune of magic as a sign that Aten was disturbed with him, and the pain and punishment was a sign of penance and that he forgiven. He managed to obtain a silky and permanent ointment soaked cloth to cover the missing skin, relieving the discomfort from when he wears his iron cast.


Ruben borders being an expert with the art of fire. He is blessed with an easier understanding of pyromancy, and with his dedicated worship to Aten, he is able to unlock and tap into the specific field of magic through the weave with just as much ease. The basics of this magic come natural to him, as if going over the alphabet, which may be because of where he was raised culturally. The furthest Ruben can go with his magical potency is being able to cast a storm of fire, burning embers and ashes densely dropping from the bright red and orange sky. The effects of the sky are only revealed to those fifteen meters within the cast location. This spell affects the individual by severely irritating ones eyes with the fumes, and it is destructive to the environment, possibly setting any vegetation or wood on fire in the midst of the raining embers. The dense rain only lasts ten seconds, afterwards the thick smokey fog will clear up following ten seconds after the rain ended, often it might take twenty seconds. This spell is great for distractions and escapes.

One-Handed Blades

The blood of the blade is probably Ruben's own. Ruben is strictly dependent upon pyromancy, being completely inexperienced with any weapon. He has enough common sense and ability to pick up a blade and strike someone, but not enough to duel someone.



Ruben is a complicated man with a hard understanding of his conscience. He struggles to determine over something whether they are strictly right or purely evil. With him, there is no slightly bad or a bit good, only good and evil, or neutral. His actions committed in the past relating to the death of dozens was because of him becoming indulged in purity, believing the most minor of offenses were pure evil in the process. Ruben puts high faith in government, being very loyal for the thought that you must be obedient to the common man and his law before you can even start obeying a higher law, such as a deity's law. Ruben is passionate and kind of heart, and he does struggle with his conscience and determination, but he still has the control and understanding to know what he did before was bad. He is a man striving to do his best and purify all those around him, punishing himself before Aten for all his crimes and wrong doings. He has a hard time forgiving himself, but is able to forgive others much easier. Ruben is a very bright and cunning man, using his large array of blades to deceive people able his strengths. While he is actually terrible with blades, he can always pull out his magic to unexpectedly win a fight.

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See? Doesn't it look so pretty. :)
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It does. I cannot believe that Reager's usual prettiness was made prettier by the forums.
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Death of Abdul

The troubled and depressed man stood upon the tavern railing, patrons too busy fighting or drinking to take notice of the man. A loud clang was heard, a rattling chain wrapped around the sidan's neck. The end melted to form a loop, making it impossible to remove at the moment. Tears swelled in his eyes, hidden behind the thick plate of iron covering his face. He looked down for the last time, the bartender shouting up toward Abdul. A loud crack was heard, the man's body lifelessly dangling from the chandelier, swaying back and forth in the air.

Within his pocket read a note:

Quote :
I was brought into life on the 26th of Alturiak, and now it shall be taken away on the same day. I lost my way, Aten no longer dwells within me and I can feel it. I am a shell now, filled only with remorse. I carried out my duties wrong, shedding the blood of hundred and more innocent lives. I never wished to cause pain, to make people suffer. I only sought to bring those to the light, to purify their souls and draw them closer to their families. I am not the judge of men's lives, and I can't be forgiven for acting as one. I wanted to warm people's hearts and make them feel clean, to start anew as a fresh person. I have wronged all those I promised with happiness, for I only brought misery upon them. May Aten shed even the slightest bit of light on my soul, and may he pour his heart out for all those willing to accept him.
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Moved to Permanently Killed.

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and so the sacrifice of zaku's servant of illmatyr was wasted


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Abdul-Jalil Hilel Kashmir
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