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 The Fist of Darion [Mercenary Group]

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PostSubject: The Fist of Darion [Mercenary Group]   Mon May 28, 2012 10:06 am

The Fist of Darion is a mercenary group composed composed primarily of Tariok, a formerly powerful race who ruled a vast Empire. A somewhat aggressive race, they conquered many territories, though in the end this only brought infighting and a foreign invasion. Their empire was shattered and never recovered, and most of their people who do not live on still enemy occupied planets have become nomads, refugees, or in this case; mercenaries.

The Tariok are a capable race when it comes to warfare, though unlike many they do not use weapons. Instead they tend to use their natural abilities, which to an ignorant eye may resemble 'magic.' These abilities include being able to control beams of electricity resembling lightning bolts and creating energy shields around themselves. In order to keep up with modern technology, the Tariok have invented multiple cybernetic augmentations in order to amplify their natural abilities, though some can be quite dangerous to use.

The Tariok are a photosenthetic race, meaning they acquire nutrition through solar light. Naturally, an abundance of energy is needed to use their abilities, though the above augmentations can be used as a substitute.

The mercenary group itself is composed of two thousand individuals aboard a nomadic fleet of thirty-three combat vessels centered around a massive support ship which produces racially-specific supplies and devices for them. It rarely sees combat, though when it does it is quite capable of holding its own, if not besting the combat ships. This is not only due to the importance of the ship, but because of the large number of civilians aboard it, most being refugees with nowhere else to go.

Despite their decent-sized fleet, the Fist of Darion is a mercenary group made for ground combat, their ships usually serving a support role.

The primary goal of the mercenary group is to gather credits for themselves and to help their former empire's worlds pay tribute to their occupiers. Their long-term goal is to acquire more ships in order to begin a rebellion against their mortal enemies.

Statistics for Convienence
Troop Numbers: 2000 Tariok, 200 others deemed 'worthy' of being around the somewhat dogmatic Tariok.
Civiians: 1400
Ground Combat Equipment: None except for a few APCs, artillery pieces, unmanned recon drones, support equipment, and ability-augmentation machinery.
Fleet Numbers: 20 Frigate-class hit-and-run ships.
5 Anti-Fighter cruisers
5 Anti-Lightship destroyers.
1 Anti-Midship battleship.
1 Carrier equipped with a flotilla of all sorts of strike-craft. All strike-craft capable of entering atmosphere.
1 Dreadnought converted to support/lifeship.
All ships are equipped with top-of-the-line shielding, hulls, and weaponry.

Current Operations
No major ones. Currently awaiting employment and gathering supplies/weaponry in Sector 12, their main fleet currently anchored around a Hypergiant called Majoris.

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The Fist of Darion [Mercenary Group]
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