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 The Hierodule Protectorate

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PostSubject: The Hierodule Protectorate   Mon May 28, 2012 5:58 am


Quote :
The Hierodulites are a terrifyingly adaptive and cunning race of para-arachnid xenomorphs that dwell upon the toxic world of Harkan, bent to the iron will of a single queen-like creature with immense psychic abilities of nigh godlike proportions. Originally an Empire that spanned swiftly across the solar quadrant, the Hierodule race fought a bloodied and tireless war for utter domination of the system against the neighbouring and dreaded Validus Sovereignty whom held a similar view for conquest over all others.

Finally defeated by the Sovereignty upon the sudden call for unconditional surrender by their hive-queen, their Empire was forcefully reformed by the victor into the Hierodule Protectorate; a servant nation. The Hierodulite queen and her vile subjects are now forced to assist and further the Sovereignty's interests in any way they see it fit.

Their potential for the dictating Sovereignty were seen as without limitations; as their superior physical forms, diversity and a natural resistance to hazardous and uninhabitable environments made them a tireless work-force or a terrible invasion force of unparalleled destruction.

Harkan, Protectorate Crownworld
Sector: #15
Species: *Hierodulite
est. pop: 27,000,750,000,000 +/-

The surface of Harkan:

Quote :
The desolate hellscape of Harkan stands as the crownworld for the Hierodule Protectorate and its dominion. Though habitable some million years ago, the toxic fumes generated by the hive towers and spawning pools of the Hierodulites degenerates all fauna into bio-mass and pollutes the air with microscopic parasites that slowly slaughters any other wildlife. It maintains a hot climate and holds no visible seasons as the planet itself circulates close to the blue giant; Hyperios. Degrees variate between 42 to 62 celsius.

This harsh world, though mutated and sprawling with the hive towers of the Hierodulite, hold vast mineral deposits in which the Protectorate can use to further their non-organic industry, and to trade for a profitable income to the other "lesser races" of the grand and ever-expanding universe.

"Shäkesh'ör essäth."
"Submit and be subsumed."

Quote :
The Hierodulite are creatures brought out from one's darkest nightmares. They are horrific beings without conscience. They do not feel fear, and are not withheld by the morals and ethics of a more civilized being. However, though brutal, ferocious and terrifying at the same time, they do hold some level of intelligence brought about by the psychic connection with their glorious queen.

Hierodulite creatures vary in size and strength, and are ever-evolving to adjust to the situation. Whether it be combat or otherwise. But though various in sizes and forms, the Hierodule Protectorate holds a standing and dominating hierarchy within their civilization in which those whom are born of lower quality and standards must obey those whom are closest related to the queen. The Hierodulite can scent one another's standing within the hierarchy through powerful pheromones. The closer one is to the queen by blood, the stronger the pheromone release.

Skas'ün ; Dronebreed. The lowest and most expendable of the hierarchy. Doomed to a short existence as workers and cannonfodder in the name of their Queen. Born from natural spawning pools. Average size: 3 - 5 feet

Hiervala'ün ; Halfbreed. Humanoid-shaped creatures that maintain most of the non-biological "technological" and "industrial" sectors of the Protectorate. Born from spawning pools mixed with various humanoid races' DNA structures. Average size: 6 - 7 feet

Hierfall'ün ; Truebreed. The elites of the Hierodulite race. These skulking monstrosities vary in size and purpose, but hold significant standing within the Protectorate as commanders and overseers. Born from spawning pools which contain the royal Queen's DNA structure. Average size: 9 - 27 feet

Rämos'la ; Queenborne. The true children of the Queen. These beasts grow to become gargantuan in size and are in almost every scenario used as living siege engines or heavy workers. Born from the sacred womb of the Hierodulite Queen herself. Average size: 48 - 65 feet

Quote :
Empire bonuses & traits

* Increased manpower from bio-pools
* Increased combat effectiveness
* Nightmarish creature; causes demoralization
* Fearless; immune to demoralization
* Synapse bond; tactical effectiveness increases when in large numbers
* Hiveminded race; unable to rebel, revolt or disagree with acting ruler

"Ärgas'ehl Varkets."
"Unyielding tides await."

Quote :
Hi'e Rak'üshala
"The Hive Fleets"

The hive fleets are the primary naval forces of the Hierodule Protectorate and the forefront of their offensives. However, unlike other races, the Hierodulite ships are fully living creatures, spawned from enormous bio-pools. These colossal creatures are fashioned in such a way that they are capable of literally "swimming" through the vacuum of space as well as delivering terrible firepower through technological additions and natural weaponry. Certain fleet creatures are even capable of transporting entire armies within their body, as well as produce additional forces through bio-masses gained during an initial invasion.

Quote :
Royal Hive Fleet; Rämos

"Leviäth" - Control-class (flagship)

Length: 88,164 ft.
Main Propulsion: Plasma warts (warts on the bio-ship's exterior extends and retracts, releasing high-pressurized plasma gas to project it in any desired direction. Highly explosive)
Armor: The outer hull is made from 16 layers of regenerating, hardened chitin
Shielding: 1 layer of psychic screening extends 20 metres from the exterior of the bio-ship and protects it from incoming fire (it also keeps it from burning up as it enters the atmosphere)
Tech: N/A
Crew: N/A
Garrison: 650,000 Halfbreed 271,320 Dronebreed, 165,000 Truebreed, 55,000 Queenbreed

Primary Armament: Spined tentacles
Number of Tentacles: 18 total
Range: 5,590 km.
Tentacle Length: 35,852 ft.
Effect: Large, spined tentacles spread outward and are capable of grappling and crushing ships with ease. They are heavily armored, so firing upon them is deemed ineffective unless it is some serious firepower.

Secondary Armament: Plasma Launcher
Number of Launchers: 68 total
Range: 2,590 km.
Launcher Length: 120 ft.
Effect: Organic tubes extend in rows along the main body of the bio-ship, capable of firing bolts of searing plasma stored within the creature itself.

Krak'arath - Hive-class (carrier)
- Can carry 50k fighters/bombers
- 11,492 ft. in length

Orsora'uruk - Annihilator-class (battlecruiser)
Orsora'uruk - Annihilator-class (battlecruiser)

Ur'karash - Invader-class (destroyer)
Ur'karash - Invader-class (destroyer)
Ur'karash - Invader-class (destroyer)
Ur'karash - Invader-class (destroyer)
Ur'karash - Invader-class (destroyer)
Ur'karash - Invader-class (destroyer)
Ur'karash - Invader-class (destroyer)
Ur'karash - Invader-class (destroyer)


{Smaller craft}
{8,000} Ker'shas - Eviscerator-class (superiority fighter) - {x1,000 under construction}
{4,500} Ker'vla - Ripper-class (heavy bio-bomber)

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PostSubject: Re: The Hierodule Protectorate   Mon Oct 29, 2012 8:11 am

Does this sacrifice please the Mass?

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Giant Scrub

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PostSubject: Re: The Hierodule Protectorate   Mon Oct 29, 2012 9:24 am

It fucking better.
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PostSubject: Re: The Hierodule Protectorate   

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The Hierodule Protectorate
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