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 The Aturor

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PostSubject: The Aturor   Sun May 27, 2012 10:12 pm

Image above made by Krug <3

Isolated, dangerously territorial, and related to unique breed of insect, the Aturor occupy a small stretch of space called the "Sateda" domain. There is no such thing as "inside the Sateda domain" known to humanity and alien alike, although deep scans show their crafts make rotations on the various planets of their sector as if nomadic and tribal in nature. Their people are said to be quite resilient, living multiple centuries although lacking proper FLT capabilities and food to make long journeys. Peaceful interactions with their population is mainly trade, commonly wanting energy storage devices and generators, embryonic cells, and metal scrap. As payment the Aturor usually trade their organically based energy weapons, rare agricultural products, and narcotics.

In-Depth Information:

Galactic Relations:

Racial Information:
The Aturor Fleets

Evolved Aturor Battleship--
The main battleships of the Aturor fleets are artificially grown creatures from the Aturor DNA. These battleship possess zero shielding but are primarily composed of incredibly adaptable organic cells. The ships are supported by a crystalline metallic substance that acts like an endoskeleton. These battleships have clusters of specific cells that are capable of releasing compressed energy in bolt like fashion as their primary armament. The adaptive capabilities and strength of the ships are directly proportional to the power supply.

Evolved Aturor Cruiser--
A third less in size compared to the Aturor battleship, packing the near equivalent punch. These craft have a optional cargo space for drone soldiers, or even Dart fighters. This space is opened at the cost of combat effectiveness in its role as a support craft.

Aturor Hives--
Dedicated to the deployment of Dart fighters to a combat zone, these vessels are the aircraft carriers of the fleets. Their internal honeycomb structures allow the fighters to be packed inside like a beehive. Each Hive vessel carries an untold number of fighters, the total count inside nearing the hundreds.

Aturor Transports--
Stored inside each battleship and cruiser, these transports are centered around energy efficiency and are kept independent of main systems to avoid energy cannibalism. Other than their use for general transport, their efficiency is focused for armor, speed, and jump capabilities to get key Aturor fleet members out of harms way, fast.

Aturor "Dart" Fighters--
Quick and powerful. The Dart makes its name with aggressive dog-fighting and pinpoint attack runs on targets. It is launched in swarms to swamp enemy fighters and bombers. Their role is ultimately support, becoming kamikazes to stop missiles, oncoming attacks, or even make a last stand against a foe.

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The Aturor
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