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 Technology & Planetary Info

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PostSubject: Technology & Planetary Info   Sun May 27, 2012 1:02 pm

Technologies- All technologies are merely the foundation on what you can go off of, we encourage customization and creativity.

Military Technology

  • Point defense guns -Basic- Automatic firing defense guns against ship to ship space fighters & ordinance. Typically dumb firing rounds.

  • Defense drones -Advanced- Launcher based weapons that produce fast moving unmanned drones that target the enemy's vital areas.

  • Shields -Simple & Advanced- Energy based barriers to protect an object. They use either kinetic or particle barriers.

As in all munition design, there is a compromise between standardization, which simplifies manufacture and logistics, and specialization, which may make the weapon significantly more effective. Small improvements in either logistics or effectiveness can translate into enormous operational advantages.

  • Rail and MAC guns -Simple- High-velocity projectile weapons which use electromagnetic fields to propel a solid metal slug at a velocity of or over mach 5 at a target. Usually railguns come in smaller, automatic firing versions while MAC guns are large bore devastating weapons

  • Energy pulse weapons -Simple- Uses an ultra high energy pulse of atoms or electrons to disrupting its atomic and/or molecular structure to cause damage.

  • Beam weapons -Basic & Advanced- A central plasma beam weapon of a ship is a powerful weapon that discharges fiery blasts from a central dish located at the front of the a vessel, but takes a lot of time and energy to fire; if the beam hits a critical area the target can be destroyed in only two to three shots. This can be altered to lesser beams from multiple cannons on the hull.

  • Phasers -Basic & Advanced- Using artificially generated particles, level of intensity, and it's field, a wide varity of effects can be generated with phase weapons. Phase weapons can cut rock and walls, mounted on ships they can damage shielding or cut hull open like butter.

  • Torpedoes -Simple & Advanced- The modern torpedo is a self-propelled weapon with an explosive warhead, propelled towards a target, and designed to detonate either on contact with its target or in proximity to it. These weapons become advanced when becoming more powerful. I.E. cyclonic, ionic, quantum, vortex, acid, plasma, antimatter, photon, transphasic torpedoes.

  • Nuclear weapons -Simple & Advanced- Nuclear weapons are devastating and extremely polluting weapons. Use with caution.

  • Multi-generator shielding -Simple- These give the shield the extra boost it may need in a ship-to-ship dogfight. They can return full power for a short amount of time.

  • Heavy armored hull -Simple- An improved hull with layers of energy weapon resistant materials.

  • Fusion plant -Advanced- High output addition to the normal ship generators, with these you can fire, travel, and run at better efficiency. They also make quite the bang when their cold fission core ruptures.

  • Stealth systems -Advanced- Makes the vessel almost invisible by sensors, but visibly, it isn't.

  • AI systems -Simple & Advanced- AI controllers allow faster responses when controlling weapons, beware consciousness.

  • High capacity fuel cells -Simple- To go the extra light-year, the upgraded ship is equipped with an additional fuel cells.

  • Advanced scanners -Advanced & Simple- Made to detect stealth system users. They can also scan planets for resources and can detect things light-years away.

Homeworld Improvements- Gained by trade or war
  • Colonies- Important to occupy to gain access to needed resources for upgrades and money.

  • Trade routes - By forging alliances or taking over the enemy's space station, trade hubs make a great source of income for your empire.

  • Alien technology - Finding new technology better than your own is quite beneficial to your empire

Navigation & Transportation-
  • Hyperdrives - A device to propel a starship through hyperspace. It opens a subspace window and traveling within a hyperspace field to the destination. The speed of a hyperdrive is completely dependent on the power it is receiving. Ships are often able to travel far faster than if they relied purely on their own race's technology, it is also very hard to reverse engineer the technology when reverse engineering. That said, the power that a drive is able to handle is limited by the user's technology. When the hyperspace window is opened (Also known as subspace), it is an alternate dimension to travel through. When a ship passes into it, it allows a vessel to enter subspace and achieve faster-than-light velocities.

Blitz wrote:
Anti-Gravity Wormhole Allocating Generator, A-GWAG. The A-GWAG is a generator used by the Legion of T'Ack'Mul fleet, that opens temporary wormholes in space. Ships are propelled through the odd dimension of the wormhole at high speeds. The advantage of wormhole generators is that you only need 1-2 ships with them on board, as other ships can form up to enter the one wormhole. You can modify the generator's output levels to create larger and/or faster wormholes, but it increases energy intake. It doesn't cost energy to travel through wormholes, just a lot to open them. The one disadvantage of a wormhole generator is that if you don't prepare ships to go through it, the unprepared ships will be ripped apart by the sheer kinetic force of the wormhole. It was created by the Legion of T'Ack'Mul for long range navigation, to acquire the technology you must somehow get it from them, of course there's probably other races out there with the same tech.

  • Warp Drive - Warp drive is an FTL jump drive where it allows the craft to travel at velocities greater than that of light. It is not instantaneous travel, but is a bubble outside of normal time.

Planetary Info.

A planet can be level 1-3, and can have various advantages, resources, and drawbacks. Let's look at an example of one such planet.

Name: Prometheus-2
The planet's name.

Sector: 5
The space sector it resides in.

Adjacent planets in solar system: Zeus-1
The planets in its solar system that may be of importance. These neighboring planets are present in other events or are already owned territories, not random planets of little use.

Planet Level: 3
The planet's level, 3 meaning it is uninhabitable and mostly a mining opportunity.

Moons: 1, of little use or importance.
Denoting the number of moons and what they might hold.

Owner: NONE.
The empire claiming this planet.

Population: Null.
The estimated number of persons, and the types of species.

Dominant environment: No atmosphere, an uninhabitable rock.
The main environment of the planet, be it desert, ocean, jungle, mixed (like earth), or uninhabitable.

Resources: Basic metal mines on planet's surface.
Any resources ranging from metal ores, hospitable environment, or agricultural abilities.

Strategic importance: Yirridium ore asteroid belt.
Any important objects this planet may have, from Tridine mines to an ideal trade spot.

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