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 The Pantheon

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PostSubject: The Pantheon   Sat Feb 04, 2012 6:54 am

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The Firstborn, the first Gods to emerge from the primordial forces of the Crystal Sphere. Powerful beings, they are often the greatest influences in the Crystal Sphere.

Aten - God of Purity, the Sun, and Purification through Fire.

Kielm - God of Life, the Four Elements, and Nature. [Died during the War at the Dawn, his spirit giving life and the seasons to Aeria.]

Selas - Goddess of The Moon, The Night, and Shooting Stars.

Shar - Goddess of Darkness, Loss, Forgetfulness and Secrets.

Akash - God of Intellect, Innovation, and Inscription.


Born from the line of the Firstborn, the sons and daughters of the first deities.

Tyr - God of Justice. Son of Aten.

Ilmatyr- God of Supplication, Martyrdom, Perseverance. Son of Aten.

Voar - God of Blood-lust, Ferocity, and the Hunt. Son of Kielm.

Dyaus - God of Storms, Earthquakes, and Destructive Nature. Son of Kielm.

Verumai - Goddess of Corruption, Rot, Pestilence. Daughter of Shar.

Nijal - Goddess of Concealment, Pariahs, and Poison. Daughter of Shar.

Velecar - Goddess of Stillness, Coalescence, and All-Seeing Lord of the Soul Prison. Daughter of Selas.

Nazu - Goddess of Madness, Prophecy and Nightmares. Daughter of Selas.


Born from the interplay of the primordial forces of light and dark during the great Celestial Wars, these are beings that embody aspects that ruled the cosmos at that time.

Sylornath - God of the Demonic Legions, Conquest, and Domination. [Killed by Tyr and Aten.]

Lloth - Goddess of Plots, Apostasy, and Secret Murder.

Tempus - God of War, Warriors, and Trial by Combat.

Helm - God of Chivalry, Guardianship, and Mercy.

Cyus - God of Wealth, Adventure and Discovery.

Esura - God of Death, Annihilation, and the Void.  [Killed by Kelemvor and Baatorath, replaced by Baatorath.]

Kelemvor - God of Death, and The Dead.

Sune - Goddess of Beauty, Passion, and the Fine Arts.

The Dark Powers

Born from the dark will of Sylornath, these powers rule still, worshipped by Warlocks and Cultists.

Bane - God of Hatred, Tyranny, and Fear. [Killed by the Emperor and Thorn Razel, replaced by the Emperor.]

Baatorath - God of Death, and Ritualistic Murder. [Killed by the Archangel Chamuel and Kelemvor, replaced with Kelemvor.]


These are beings that have been viewed as deities, mortalborn or otherwise, often with the power to match it.

Ornulus - God of Blood, Bloodpacts, and the Consortium Inferi. [Killed by Ossus.]

The Architect - God of the Weave and the Black Pyramid. [The original Architect of the Weave was murdered by Sylornath and replaced by a Naga male.]

The Emperor - God of Ambition, Conquest, and Demons. Patron Deity of the Empire.

Ossus - God of Blight and Blood.

The Prophet - God of Judgement, Purity, Righteous Fury.  [Killed during the Surnan Inquisition.]

Korppi - God of Ravens, Obsession, and Whispered Truths.

The Saints - Beings worshipped by the Occitanian Empire.

The Arbiter - God of Surge and Mortal Autonomy. Patron Deity of the Vindicators.
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The Pantheon
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