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 Suspect of Tyrite murder escapes!

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PostSubject: Suspect of Tyrite murder escapes!   Wed May 16, 2012 2:18 pm

Quote :
Suspect of Tyrite murder escapes!
Date: Saturday, May 15th, 790 MoP.
Author: Gregory Allandor

Following the night of the death of Tyrite paladin Deven Cakebread, the Chief of Security for the Pychekan Embassy, Lieutenant-Kommissar Volosin, transferred their vampire prisoner and prime suspect of the murder to the Sanctimonian Guard. "Marcus", having no last name, was escorted by Pychekan soldiers armed with silver weaponry and fire arms to the nearest Guard post; not far from the bar that Deven Cakebread once owned. The transfer was successful and he was taken under custody of the Sanctimonian Guard.

He was given to the Guard because quote,"We have made a mistake in trying to re-educate this one. He has been too much trouble for us, and now that he is a prime suspect, we can no longer hold him. We would like to affirm that we do not claim him to be the killer, as we ourselves do not know. He is under Sanctimonian law now, and there are investigations to be done to find if he is the murderer."

Only an hour after the transfer however, the vampire Marcus escaped the jail in the midst of a brief moment of confusion among his guards. None of the guards were able to stop him. The Sanctimonian Guard searched for him for 2 days before releasing information that he had escaped. The Pychekan Embassy had nothing to comment on the matter, but said they would commit their small squad of Commissars to track him if needed. The offer has yet to be taken up on by Guard officials.

The case of Deven Cakebread's death only deepens as the prime suspect and elder vampire is on the loose. It is suspected he is either in hiding or has left Surna, but there are reports of fast moving silhouettes along rooftops at night, around the area of the murder.

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Suspect of Tyrite murder escapes!
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