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 Hostages Released; Tensions ease

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PostSubject: Hostages Released; Tensions ease   Mon May 07, 2012 7:11 pm

Quote :

Date: Saturday, May 07, 790 MoP
Author:Mathew Wainwright

In an act of apparent good-will, the sixty-three workers taken hostage almost a month ago following a brutal massacre of nearly a hundred goblins were released yesterday, shaken but largely unharmed. The returning hostages were greeted by a large crowd and relieved family members. While some vocal members of the community claim further pandering and Goblin appeasement secured their release, it is hoped that this olive-branch will calm anti-goblin fervor among the working class.

In other news, following the conviction of leading Cartel administrators with charges of mass-murder, Cartel assets have been 'thawed', with the no-trade order rescinded. Third-Party merchants who defied the order have also been released with a fine of five hundred shillings. This, along with the release of Heartlands Administrator Vorn Tyrr and increased military protection of the roads, have led to hopes of a significant economic recovery. On that note, the Governor's office has assured us that they are in renewed talks with the Goblin Tribes, concerning more conductive trade and resource gathering.

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Hostages Released; Tensions ease
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