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 Arushyikan and Pychekan immigration goes stagnant!

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PostSubject: Arushyikan and Pychekan immigration goes stagnant!   Fri Apr 27, 2012 1:51 pm

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Arushyikan and Pychekan immigration goes stagnant!
Date: Thursday, April 26th, 790 MoP.
Author: Gregory Allandor

Almost overnight it seems, the immigration office of Surna has experienced a 95% decline in Arushuikan and Pychekan immigration. Surna, having the highest Pychekan immigration rate in Sanctimonia, has now had trickles of immigrants coming in. Missing reports of people of Pychekan birth have been popping up all around the city. With search warrants in hand, local Guard officials arrived at their living establishments to find fine china shattered, food supplies emptied, whole drawers ripped from dressers with clothes draped about the rooms. The Surnan Guard has concluded 123 of the 140 missing reports as an obvious, hurried departure.

Pychekan ambassador Retyom Urii, who is soon to be in Surna had this to say,"We have had growing reports from our fleeing former citizens of this.. 'Quintana Cartel' threatening the Arushyika ethnic groups and Pychekan immigrants. While the reports are not confirmed, we have reason to believe that the Quintana Cartel is, or rather was, exploiting the Pychekan immigrants. Their inexperienced grasp of the language, adjusting to the new culture, and trying to secure jobs.. It's a formula that leaves them vulnerable to extortion. Claiming that they had the chance to escape while the Cartel had it's assets froze, our people departed to other cities, where the Cartel's influence does not show. The Republic of Pycheko does not plan to step in against the Cartel with the minimal amount of evidence present, and the lack of jurisdiction on foreign land, however."

The remaining Arushyikan citizens that I tried to inquire on the matter would not speak to me. Once I told them I was a reporter they would tell me they needed to go or that they could not be bothered with my questions. I tried to explain that if they wished, their names would not have to be given, but they refused. All attempts to report their opinion ended in their hurried walk away from myself. I can only assume that with the scandal surrounding the Cartel, the Surnan Guard, and the Blackwatch, that the Arushyika might tie in somewhere. When I asked the Surnan Guard officials of any such reports from fleeing former-Pychekans, they replied they had not one report of it, while an Officer I talked to expressed his concern to find the evidence for such accusations.

All in all, it seems that Pycheko, the once isolationist and rarely heard of nation, is closer to home than we thought.

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Arushyikan and Pychekan immigration goes stagnant!
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