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 Vitamancy & Vitamantia; Life Magic

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PostSubject: Vitamancy & Vitamantia; Life Magic   Vitamancy & Vitamantia; Life Magic EmptyFri Feb 03, 2012 3:39 pm

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Vitamancy is one of the lesser known weaves of magic, despite, in a way, being part of any magic users spells in the form of it's cousin, healing magic. In short, vitamancy is the manipulation of all things alive and similar to it's polar opposite, necromancy, is not only practiced with the use of magic, but with potions and physical changes, leading some to believe this is more of a practice then a weave. As stated before, vitamancy is closely tied to healing magic, as when someone is healed it usually involves the repairing of damaged tissues which therefore causes it to fall under the vita; or life category of magic, meaning the manipulation of anything with consciousness and or a spirit/soul.

Vitamancy often heavily relies on external elements such as potions and human intervention on top of the magic required, as most uses for vitamancy, such as large-scale healing, physical or mental augmentation and similar practices require more than simply magic can provide considering that for augmenting or repairing something physical it may be easier with physical means, as opposed to magic alone. The magic aspect of it often relates to the changing of the persons mind and soul, or the formation of new components from the base elements. To put it simply, if one wished to create an arm for someone who had lost theirs, they would require all the organic components that come with an arm: bone, tissue, muscles and blood vessels, etc. If a vita mage had these things, he or she would first treat it with a living element from the patient, an example of this would be mixing a bit of their blood into the objects. This would allow the materials to be manipulated and changed into a brand new product, in this case, a new arm. However, in addition to blood, rare substances such as elemental water or earth can be used to augment the process further, giving the new arm increased power, reflexes or one of any number of attributes. For this reason, while vitamancy can be very handy, it is not incredibly practical to be used as often as healing magic, and so, has faded into obscurity over the years.

The Vitamantia

Vitamancy & Vitamantia; Life Magic AnkhYvonneMetal%20
"We are the Vitamantia, bringers of life at the expense of our own."

The Vitamantia is a group of vita mages working under the Talibarian Empire to create an advanced force of spies and assassins. The groups methods may be viewed as evil and cruel, but the results don't lie. After seventy long years of production, Vitamantia assassins are finally starting to enter widespread use throughout the Empire, treated more as tools than human beings. The history of the Vitamantia began with a small group of local vita mages who were commissioned some odd seventy years ago by a Talibarian lord seeking the Throne for himself. He requested that the mages create an assassin to strike down the High prophet of Tyr at the coronation of the Emperor, thus showing the people of Talibar that the gods themselves did not wish for the Emperor to lead, thus giving him his chance to claim the title for himself. Twenty years passed and finally their product was ready, he was named Adamas and was deemed to be the deadliest human to ever walk the earth. However, before the plan could be put to motion, the Empire got whiff of their plans and raided the lair of the Vita mages, killing both Adamas and a good portion of the remaining mages.

The remainder were left with a choice, either pledge allegiance to the Empire and produce a new generation of covert agents for it's use, or death. Now with limitless funds, the Vitamantia began their research anew, delving into new techniques never before thought possible, though never managing to match Adamas in skill or power. It has been fifty years since then, and only recently have the shady and secretive organisation known as the Vitamantia come into the public's eye, though most accounts of super humans working for the Empire are simply disposed of as pub stories.


Originally for Aeria by Rutabega.

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Vitamancy & Vitamantia; Life Magic
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