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 Goblin mine retaliation!

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PostSubject: Goblin mine retaliation!   Fri Apr 13, 2012 6:12 pm

Quote :
Goblins retaliate to mine slaughter en mass!
Date: April 13th
Author: David Brunbroke
Massive waves of unrest and violence have erupted from the local goblin populations surrounding Surna following yesterday's massacre. Earlier in the day several caravans near Surna were attacked with survivors giving reports of well armed goblins mounted atop huge spiders flying a bastardized Sanctimonian flag sporting a spider in place of the usual tiwaz.

Initial speculation was that a group of armed goblin renegades were accountable for the attacks. This was soon discounted when local watch and military detachments were sent to several of the closest goblin settlements only to find them completely devoid of life with the exception of the settlement closest to Surna. It was there that they located Sergeant Johnathan Takir of the city watch bound and gagged in the lodgings of one of the hovels. With Mr.Takir was a note addressed to the Watch commander David Halberry and the governor of Surna. Unfortunately this reporter was unable to gain access to the contents of the letter but Commander Halberry was willing to provide the following statement.

Author's note: The following is an abridged version with the vast majority of profanities removed
"These little bastards claim that they've taken nearly a hundred humans as 'prisoners of war', most of which being either watchmen sent to train the buggers or guild workers at the joint mine they had about a day's travel off. They claim they'll kill their prisoners if we don't hand over the top members of the Cartel's local branch and put Vorn Tyrr on trial for criminal negligence resulting in the death of nearly one hundred "citizens". In addition they demand that the territory allocated to them in the treaty be given sovereignty and autonomy for their own ilk. "

Several detachments of the Surnan Black Watch have been dispatched to search out the local goblin populations though as the first groups return the results look bleak. For the moment however all citizens are urged to be on guard outside the city walls and to seek out any officer of the local military garrison if they wish to help keep Surna safe.

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PostSubject: Re: Goblin mine retaliation!   Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:32 pm

Well tluin

Looks like the cartel just tiff taffed everything to the 9 hells.


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Goblin mine retaliation!
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