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 Silan Thrall

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Mad Clown

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PostSubject: Silan Thrall   Fri Apr 13, 2012 11:07 am

Normal Silan.

Quote :
Full Name:Silan Thrall

Quote :
Hair Color:Brown
Hair Style:Short
Eye Color:Green
Skin Tone:White
Body Type:Slim

Quote :
Biography:Silan was born in Narvik, both of his parents were wealthy merchants although his father had a different way of acquiring merchandise for his shop. When Silan turned 7 He started going to a school were he learned to read and write. Being the only kazuth in his school brought him a lot of attention from his peers. One day while walking home from school 3 boys ran up to Silan and said "Oi why do ye have those pointy ears." Silan Simply shrugged and kept walking, but one of the boys grabbed him by his shoulder and said "Answer me you twit." Silan pushed his hand off and turned around yelling. "Put ye hand on me again and I will beat ye sense less!" the boy quickly gave Silan a left hook And Silan fell to the ground. Silan tried to stand up but was knocked back down by the boys foot while the other boys grabbed large sticks. the boy said with a smirk on his face "I guess all Kazuth's are stupid to." one of the other boys with a stick slammed it into Silan's face the stick cut into his face as he screamed in pain and his eyes filled with tears as he felt another stick hit him in the ribs. Silan could heard two people yelling and the boys stopped beating him. The boys looked over and saw two other boys running after them one was holding a rusted iron dagger and the other had a large stick. The boys dropped there sticks and ran off as the boy with the iron dagger kneeled down and said "Are you alright?" Silan sobbed and said "I think so." the boy with the knife said "So what's your name mate?" Silan quickly said "Silan." The boy with the knife than said "Well I am Johnnie and this is Wade." Wade dropped his stick and Waved at Silan Johnnie helped Silan up and said "Where do you live Silan we will take you home." Silan Replied "Just up the street." Johnnie and Wade walked Silan home before waving goodbye. Silan walked into his home and his mother quickly Noticed his bruises and cuts and said "Oh my Silan what happened to you!" Silan looked down and said "Nothing mum I am fine." His mother said "Did this happen at school Silan?" Silan said "No just leave me alone!" before going into his room and shutting the door that was the last time Silan went to school.

When Silan turned 12 his father started teaching him how to pickpocket and how to pick a lock and even gave him a mission to steal his coin pouch from him and even promised him a reward. Silan was happy to accept the job and went to Johnnie for help he agreed to help Silan. so one day when Silan's father was walking home from his shop Johnnie ran up to him Said "Excuse me sir can you spare a few shillings?" Silans father nodded and opened his pouch up before taking out 3 shillings and handing them to Johnnie. Silan than came around the corner and stood behind his father and nodded to Johnnie just than Johnnie bumped into him and Silan quickly ripped off his pouch and ran around the corner and Johnnie quickly ran the other way and Silan's father started to laugh. When Silan's father came home Silan was sitting down in a chair holding his fathers brown leather pouch with a smirk on his face. His father set a wheellock pistol onto a table and said "You have earned it." Silan looked oddly at him and his father than said "Some day you are going to get caught and if you are unable to protect your self when you are caught you will be hurt." Silan nodded before he picked up the Wheellock pistol and attached it's holster to his belt.

Over the next few days Silan's father taught him how to use it when Silan turned 23 He decided it was time to leave his home in Narvik so he gathered all of his money and Sailed to Tirnan with a group of merchants. Silans first few days in Tirnan were rough he had no place to go and his funds were low. So he decided it was necessary to rob someone so he waited inside of a local tavern and watch everyone for a few hours. Silan picked out the drunkest man in the tavern and stepped outside and waited when the drunk man came out Silan followed him down a street and bumped into him and yanked off the mans coin pouch. Silan ran as fast as he could the drunk man was stumbling after him as he was running he saw a man with a black top hat Silan mumbled "Dam..." but kept running until he lost the drunk man. Silan opened the pouch and counted out the coins there wasn't much but it sure was enough to buy him a meal and a room for the night. so he went to the nearest inn and ordered a glass of brandy wine as he was sipping his brandy wine the man with the top hat that he had seen earlier walked in and looked at him. Silan watched the man approach with fear in his eyes the man took a across from Silan and said "I saw what you did today." Silan quickly responded "Ahh and what was that." the man said "Don't play smart with me I am trying to help." Silan raised one eyebrow and said "And how are you going to help me?" The man smiled and said "Come to my home and I will show you." The man than stood up and started walking to the door Silan gave the man a odd look before taking a final sip of his brandy and following the man to his house.

When they arrived at the mans house the man took his hat off and took a key out of his hat he than unlocked the door and stepped inside. Silan followed the man and shut the door the house had the smell of paint and had blank canvases everywhere Silan quickly walked to one painting in the room it was of a female Kazuth with blue eyes and long blond hair. Silan quickly asked "You know other Kazuths?" the man said "Yes I know a few." Silan than looked around the room and said "Your paintings are amazing!" the man laughed and said "Thank you." Silan than said "Well you said you could help me." The man than went to a box near his paintings and pulled out a steel mask with gold inscriptions and tossed it to Silan Silan caught the mask and said "Thanks." in a odd way the man laughed and said "Put it on you idiot." Silan put the mask on and he didn't notice any difference he than looked at his hands and noticed they looked as if he was much older. Silan quickly took off the mask and the Man said "It changes your appearance to that of a man who used to live here a very long time ago." Silan looked at the man and said "So what do you want for it?" the man looked at Silan and said "Heh I am surprised you didn't run off with it but I'll make you a deal if you can learn to paint you can have it." Silan looked at the man with a smirk on his face and said "That's it seems easy enough,"The man laughed and over the next couple of days he taught Silan how to paint. Silan loved painting even though he was terrible at it so he decided to stay with the man for a few months after the months had passed he became a decent painter. and was able to paint portraits farly well Silan decided it was time to leave and so he gathered his things and asked the man "Where is a good place to place to live?" the man replied "I have heard good things about a place north of here called Surna." Silan than said "Well I shall see you around." and the man said "Wait!" and gathered some painting supples and handed them to Silan with a smile Silan "Said thank you before leaving the mans house and making his way to Surna."

Quote :
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Weaponry:wheellock pistol and a steel dagger
Apparel:Black hood, black cloak, leather belt, brown pants, green tunic, brown leather satchel satchel
Miscellaneous:500 shillings,3 painting canvases, multiple brushes, painting supplys, Mask of ling

Silan with mask on.

Format from Krug. =3

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Mad Clown

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PostSubject: Re: Silan Thrall   Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:38 pm

Bumping this up yo!
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PostSubject: Re: Silan Thrall   Mon Apr 16, 2012 3:39 am

Everything seems fine, but there's two things I noticed.

I don't think you really have a good grasp of Sidan lore, it's not quite what you depicted, but that can be picked up along the way so it's not a big deal.

The only problem with this is the wheel-lock pistol. Sure the character's father might have been a prominent merchant, probably with some connections to the underground, but I don't think I've ever heard of a character starting off with a wheel-lock pistol. I think it's safe to say you're going to have to apply for it.

If the above problems are addressed then I give my accept.
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PostSubject: Re: Silan Thrall   Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:50 pm

I don't think this guy plays here any more. If he ever comes back, I'll happily put this back into approval. Until then, it's just clutter.

Die standing.
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PostSubject: Re: Silan Thrall   

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Silan Thrall
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