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 The Vindicators

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PostSubject: The Vindicators   Wed Apr 11, 2012 5:58 pm

Just over two hundred years ago, a man by the name of Marius Shire set out to form a group of individuals drawn together for protection of the mortal inhabitants of Aeria. The league is and always have been composed of extraordinary men and women, mages and heroes, capable of tapping into the fourth weave of magic; Surge, allowing them superhuman abilities. The Vindicators' ultimate goal is achieving autonomy for Aeria from the dieties and immortals that fight for mortal souls, but they are willing to commit all matters of good deeds in the interest of others' well being. Of course, in modern-day Aeria, most of the information about the faction and its founder is unknown and lost in time, while the link between Surge and the Vindicators is unheard of. Nowadays, people believe Surge to be totally unrelated, that some families just happen by chance to be potent with the use of Surge, just like a bloodline may be with the first weave.

While "The Weave" commonly refers to the first and original weave of magic, Surge is in fact the fourth weave of magic, available exclusively to Vindicators and descendants of Vindicators. Governed by The Arbiter, Surge is the mysterious power that all Vindicators draw strength from, granting them supernatural powers and countermeasures to most anti-magic, even going so far as to allowing the direct manipulation of magical energy.

The Vindicators are located primarily in the isle of Kerodil, with a sanctuary; a hidden city hidden deep in the Northern mountains away from harm. Although the Vindicators are on close terms with the nations of Kerodil, they operate in all corners of Aeria, travelling usually in groups of two; a master and apprentice. Due to their self-governing nature and rogue-like ideals, the Vindicators tend to avoid politics in most its forms, and will almost never be found involved in international affairs. The only land forsaken to a Vindicator is Sanctimonia, on account of a great conflict that took place in the land 200 years ago when the nation was still called Talibar.

In respect to their ranks, when one becomes a Vindicator, they are generally assigned to a Master Vindicator, usually the one who introduced the new member initially. All Vindicators answer to the Grand-Master; who is granted direct access to Surge and The Arbiter's realm. Some Vindicators are given high honours. The ranks are as follows;

  • Initiate - When one makes the pilgrimage to the Vindicator's sanctuary and undergoes the ritual to joining the order, they are placed under the authority of a Master Vindicator. Surge develops at a different pace for everyone, and depending on the prior skill of the Initiate, it may be months to years before they are considered fully fledged Vindicators. Powerful magi and skilled warriors are the most common candidates for the Vindicators, and as such even fledgling Vindicators make for fully experienced, veteran adventurers.

  • Master - When a Vindicator is considered to have learned sufficiently, they are dubbed by their mentor a full-fledged member of the Vindicators; a master. These members are the majority of the order, and make for some of the most skilled mortals in Aeria.

  • Grand-Master - The leader of the Vindicators, this individual governs all of the order and has the ability to cross planes of existence and, at will, enter the Arbiter's Realm; the Vindicator's final resting place. In addition, the Grand-Master has access to the heart of Surge; the primary conduit of every Vindicator's power.

  • Disciple - Most, but not all Vindicators are talented combatants. Some Vindicators are especially talented in the ways of diplomacy and history, and the brightest of these few are given the unique title of 'Disciple'. Disciples are usually powerful users of magic, but are more inclined to focus their brilliance on alchemy and research.

  • Kensai - The standards for joining the Vindicators are extremely high, and as such only the best are permitted to join the order. Subsequently, the order's heroes sport admirable ability, raising the bar of excellence extremely high. Once in a blue moon, certain Vindicators are noted for skill and grit above all others, and are awarded the unique title of Kensai; the best fighters in the world.

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The Vindicators
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