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 The Quintana Cartel

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PostSubject: The Quintana Cartel   Wed Apr 11, 2012 5:56 pm


Originally for Aeria by Mack.

The Surnan Branch



The Cartel, or as it is more commonly known in the lands of Nasii and Seljuk; The Quintana Cartel, is a syndicate of organized crime masquerading as a trade organization. It generally values free trade, but seeks to achieve this through any means necessary, even if said means are unsavoury. The Cartel originated in the lands near Nasii by Calgast Quintana II, a notorious desert bandit who eventually grew to become an infamous noble. The Cartel recruits from the lowest reaches of life, from dying slaves to bounty hunters, from mercenaries to prostitutes. If there is dirty money to be made, chances are the Cartel has a hand in it already. It has multiple branches across the lands of the former nation Sida, Occitan and it is rumoured that they even have connections in Ahdsur. Each branch is individual, and recieves no help from the other, except it takes orders from the main leader in Nasii. The Cartel has expanded to Sanctimonia, and has decided to start in Surna, brick by brick.


None as of yet.


Al Mahlim: Katharina Quintana
Khelim: Vedran Kestrel
Opekite: N/A
Opek: N/A
Harimite: N/A
Harim: N/A
  • Lex Barristan
  • "Atiya"

How to Join

The Cartel recruit those who seek them out, even Slaves are given a chance in the ranks. However, the organization is quite secretive, and finding them is harder than it seems.


There is no standardized equipment, and those in the ranks of the Cartel are required to wear whatever they can. Due to the many trade routes, Mercenaries of the Cartel can easily acquire good quality equipment at discount prices, though it is never too cheap.

OOC Information

This group is here to provide Sidan influence to Surna, as most parts of the eastern lore are neglected. The faction will focus on creating intrigue and conflict, and will most likely hire unsavory groups and people to harass those it deems dangerous. It is in part here due to the recent encroaching on Cartel-controlled Sidan territory by certain factions in existance in Surna.
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The Quintana Cartel
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