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 Arcane Tempests

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Arcane Tempests Arcane750

An Arcane Tempest is a manifestation of chaotic energy that can take on widely varied forms and have equally varied effects. Not all Tempests are entirely "Arcane", as some defy explanation and disregard even the laws of magic.

Arcane Tempests can appear as electrical disturbances, spontaneous clouds of gas or flames, random changes in the laws of physics, or even holes into other planes, though these are only a few possible examples. The duration of a Tempest is also something that varies; some have been known to manifest only for mere seconds, while others have carried on for centuries.

The research of the late Sylvia Veyron showed that Arcane Tempests increase in prevalence as you go higher into the sky, or lower into the ground. This was based on observations using Scrying magic, and is consistent given the amounts of chaotic energy detected above and below Aeria. Arcane Tempests occurring commonly deep underground would explain the prevalence of Adamantium in Drow architecture and crafts.

As one would expect, Arcane Tempests occur least often at ground level (with the exception of extreme elevations). However, what few realize is that Arcane Tempests can still occur anywhere, at any time. Arcane Tempests need only the right amount of energy and the perfect conditions to form at ground level.

Because of this, a system exists to classify Tempests and easily warn people of their size and effects. Every Tempest can be separated into five size ranges, and further separated into five hazard levels. These are, of course, very general labels, and can be prone to error. There have been cases where a seemingly harmless Tempest would suddenly turn into a fatal one, or turn out to have long-term harmful effects. The chaotic nature of Tempests makes a consistent rating system impossible.

In short, the best course of action when an Arcane Tempest has been spotted is to evacuate the area. By no means should an Arcane Tempest be entered by anyone, not even those with significant magical training.

The five basic size ranges:
A - A small Tempest, no larger than a man, and often smaller.
B - A Tempest larger than a man, and potentially able to envelop a structure.
C - A sizable Tempest easily larger than most structures and potentially as large as a small town.
D - A massive Tempest, capable of engulfing a town and more.
E - A Tempest at least as large as Imperia, but potentially as large as a continent. These are typically only found below ground.

The five basic hazard levels:
1 - Seemingly harmless, but still to be avoided.
2 - Minorly dangerous, avoidance is strongly recommended.
3 - Potentially lethal, and damaging to structures.
4 - Assuredly lethal, and damaging to structures.
5 - Incredibly deadly and destructive.

Examples of Tempests using this system:
A1 - A small, harmless Tempest. The smallest Tempest on record fit this categorization, as its only effect was glowing brightly. It was the size of a head of a pin.
C3 " - An "average" Tempest. A good example of a C3, spotted in Sanctimonia in 767ER, took the form of a blue mass of swirling energy, which proved to be blue flames. No one was injured, but several buildings did burn down.
E5 - An assuredly cataclysmic Tempest. A similar Tempest, the only one of its kind ever found, was many miles below ground. It was large enough to be unmeasurable by those who detected it, but it was theorized to be the size of Talibar, or larger. Its exact effects could not be determined.


Originally for Aeria by Munroe.

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Arcane Tempests
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