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 Monstrous Giants

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Quote :
"Giant" is a broad term used to refer to a multitude of towering creatures. A creature that is classified as a Giant is oft humanoid in general shape and proportions, and at the bare minimum, over 8 feet tall. Some giants are much, much larger. It's unclear from what vein of history these creatures stem from, but they exist all over the face of Aeria, some more common than others. Due to varying intelligence and racial traits, no type of giant acts like another. They do have some things in common, though: If it's not another giant, they'll eat it. If it's not one of theirs, they'll fight it. If they don't have something, they'll want it. If they want something, well, they're just going to take it. Additionally, most of their kind speak a language of shouts and calls, aggressive in nature and hard to decipher, as the meaning of some 'words' are based more on the tone and gestures that follow than the actual sounds made. The language is called 'Giant,' though there are different dialects, and the term is also another generalization.


Ogres are the most common type of Giant. They stand from 9 to 10 ft in height and weigh from 600 to 650 lbs and live to maximum age of 50. The creatures oft travel together, working in groups as a semi-nomadic race. They're very strong and very hardy, which makes up for their slowness and lack of intelligence. Ogres build mounds to house themselves, carving out holes in rocks and mountainsides with basic weapons fashioned from crude wood and iron. Only the most intelligent ogres ever become smiths of note, and are often the ones responsible for the tools that fuel the entire group.

There's one chief difference between an intelligent and stupid ogre: an intelligent ogre will almost always avoid a fight, choosing to stay neutral when on its own, and out of the fray when among comrades. A stupid ogre will be itching for a fight, and the vast majority of ogre-kind is stupid. They are partially numb to pain, and they heal better than most creatures, so ogres are oft in combat, trying to gain more territory and horde more belongings.

Ogre females are not very different from ogre males. They have a weaker upper body, but a more powerful lower body. Although it's rare to see an intelligent ogre, the majority of them are female. This is why the biggest, most successful mounds are run by Matriarchs. A female ogre should never be taken to be kinder than her fellow kin; quite the contrary, the females are the cruelest kind of ogre.



Ettin are the larger, uglier cousins of ogres. Although they possess two heads, they are just as dumb as ogres, and only get dumber. An adult Ettin is 13 ft tall, and weighs in at about 5,200 lbs. They live to a maximum age of 75, by the most recent estimations. An Ettin's hide is dark and extremely thick, giving it plenty of natural leather armor, but most Ettin prefer to wear additional layers of leather from creatures they skin themselves. Ettin are poor craftsmen, and can only fashion themselves the most basic of armor and weaponry. Just like ogres, the dumber they are, the more they enjoy the thrill of battle. Sadly, Ettin are the dumbest subtype of giants about.

Ettin have tremendous strength, stronger than ogres, and just as fast. The endurance of an adult Ettin is also rather freakish. How they come to exist is uncertain, but the general belief is that they are a rare caste of ogre born of a genetic defect. Due to this, Ettin are shunned from Ogre society, but find companionship in one another, and certain other groups. Ettin can train and handle some wild life, due to all the time often spent in solitude in nature. Some will be accompanied by the pets they feed. Others take up alliances with goblin or orc tribes- though, they may just as easily turn against their allies. Ettin only truely trust animal companions. Everything else is just next in line to get crushed, with "friends" being the last ones in line.

An Ettin's deit and other needs are about the same as an ogre's, simply magnified, due to their size. All Ettin are male, this defect never occurs in Ogre females.



Trolls are the worst of Giant-kind. They're big, they're fast, and worst of all, they refuse to die. They're not as large as Ettin or ogres, and not usually as heavy, but still sizable, strong and fast. A troll is often about 9 ft. tall and weighs in at around or over 500 lbs. The maximum age of a troll is unknown, but in theory, they may be immortal, due to their incredible racial traits. They have an uneven step and tend to let their arms slide across the floor if not wielding anything, but don't be fooled, they have unparalleled agility among the giants, and their natural weaponry is a force to be reckoned with.

The constitution of a troll is incredibly hardy, but their most notable trait is the fact that they cannot be killed without fire or acid. These two forms of harm will break down the regenerative system of a troll, which is so strong, it persists even when a troll would otherwise be considered dead. Cutting off limbs, even the head of a troll, would not prevent any of these things from growing back unless the regenerative system is effectively eradicated by means of heat or acidic substances.

Trolls are more akin to wild animals than a culture or group. They have no capital, cities, or settlements, and they typically have no leaders beyond temporary alpha males of a pack. Sometimes they travel in packs which never grow above 4 in number, and rarely do some grow intelligent or skilled enough to raise above their natural norm. Those that do grow skilled, however, are quite terrifying.

They are oft found in cold places, especially mountains, though some do wander down from time to time to search for food if the local area cannot provide it with enough. Their diet consists of any animal they can fit inside their mouths, though, horrifyingly, they prefer fair-skinned elves the most, humans second, and daefar third. Everything else is sub-par.

It is speculated that trolls are asexual. If they have genders, it has thus far been impossible to distinguish them, for there are no clear troll genitalia.



Originally for Aeria by Kain.

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Monstrous Giants
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