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 Magical Anomaly Spews Crystalline Creatures!

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PostSubject: Magical Anomaly Spews Crystalline Creatures!   Fri Apr 06, 2012 8:28 pm

Quote :
Magical Anomaly Spews Crystalline Creatures!
Date: 6th of April
Author: Giara Pridbjørn

Today had been a busy but a fairly calm day in Surna. Merchants and the bar had plenty of visitors and the Surna watch had a training day. Very soon after the watch had completed its training session and the town was starting to slightly quiet down, an incredibly cloud thunder clap echoed throughout the forest and town, originating from the river where a magical anomaly has been located for several months now. Witnesses claim that this loud boom was followed by a shockwave near the ground zero and a purple-hued glow.

Thus far this odd vortex which many, if not most, Surnans and passerbys have seen has been fairly inert. Until now, it had only been a threat to anyone who had drawn too close to it, ignoring the warnings of the watch. The town watch was quick to respond and sent most of their available people to find out what had happened. It turned out that the anomaly had changed very drastically from a mere vortex to an orb of some kind and had spawned nearly a dozen crystalline creatures.
At first they seemed to be dormant or passive, but when they were approached even briefly they became extremely hostile. Reportedly these creatures were around the size of a puppy or a small dog and could launch crystal spikes from their backs. Seemingly these spikes, upon shattering, released some kind of very painful shock of arcane energy from which conventional armor didn't seem to protect from.

The crystal-like beasts were slain but a few of the watch and militia were wounded. Currently it is unknown what these creatures are or where they came from, much like the anomaly itself. We questioned several guardsmen of the happenings and why noone had acted before this, but the only answer we were able to gather were embarassed shrugs and attempts to evade the subject. We weren't able to reach any of the town's higher-ups for an interview yet.

These crystalline shards left by the creatures and the very terrain and plants that were turned to crystal nearby the anomaly are currently unknown. Any civilian is adviced to not tamper with these artifacts, as they could prove to be hazardous. Hopefully this anomaly will not turn into another fiasco like the full-moon incident.

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Magical Anomaly Spews Crystalline Creatures!
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