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Originally for Aeria by Zaku and Kain.

Name: Dragonkin Or Dragonborn

Origination: Most Dragonborn are born in their homeland, Kar'rasa


Dragonborn have very rough scaly skin that varies from red to green. The average height is 5'10, though a Dragonborn can be as tall as six and a half feet, or as short as five feet. Dragonborn have wings that fold in onto their backs, allowing them to wear armor and encompassing clothing, if need be, though some prefer openings and having room for their wings.

The warrior class are often well built and stout, with broad shoulders and wider wingspans. The scholarly class is often slimmer, sometimes shorter, with smaller shoulders and smaller wingspans.


Most Dragonkin are respectful, at first, and will behave modestly. The Dragonkin that follow the old ways, however, cherish nature, the world, the self, and the harmony between the three. Those that follow the new ways indulge and embrace knowledge and magic, and frown on anyone they believe is stuck in the past. While either group will not openly disrespect those that do not see eye to eye, they will be less likely to respond in a friendly and helpful manner, if at all. However, if one is to provoke or directly disrespect a Dragonborn, regardless of their cultural choices, the Dragonborn will overreact and act in a hostile, perhaps even violent manner.

History And Culture

The Dragonborn were originally conceived through means of magic after the pact was made between the forces of the Light and the Dragons of Aeria; The forces of Light that had descended upon the world took the form of the mighty dragons and mimicked it, creating smaller Light-based creatures that held the physical properties of the Dragon, but were made in the image of the Gods. Thus, the Dragonborn existed as a living representation of the pact between Dragons and Gods. Yet, after the forces of Darkness had been driven from the world, the Dragonborn were no longer needed by either the Gods or the Dragons. Estranged, the warrior race left their creators to find a new place in the world.

The Dragonborn found refuge in the mountainous regions north of present day Sida. They named their new homeland Kar'rasa, and began cultivating the land for their own needs. The homeland of the Dragonborn was littered with caverns, which would later be covered by stone, wooden, and adobe structures, though the Dragonborn learned to prefer stone and adobe the most, to avoid accidents. Those that travel to Kar'rasa often are stunned by the rugged beauty of the land and Dragonborn city.

As time progressed and the Dragonborn bred, they had begun to lose touch with the forces of Light, and with each generation, their divine power dwindled. This was the pattern that first drove the warrior race to give up their reliance on strength and adopt a more docile, scholarly lifestyle, learning more about the nature of the world itself, first touched by their Dragon ancestors. Thus came the large split in Dragonborn culture, between the warrior and the scholar. Most Dragonborn pursue the path of one or the other.

Though the split in culture caused some dissent between Dragonborn, it also formed a new drive in the race: To move forward and explore the rest of the world. The warriors felt the need to expand and grow in power, and the scholars wished to explore and learn more. Expeditions into the world were sent, and the Dragonborn came to a shocking realization: They were outnumbered. Although they, in their small and humble homeland, had grown at a steady pace, keeping to themselves and breeding modestly over centuries, the world had sped passed them, and many new races had come to occupy the world.

Though they felt threatened, the Dragonborn decided to continue their exploration, learning to speak and act like other races. When the expeditions returned, Kar'rasa learned of the new races, learned again of the Gods and their worshipers, but most of all, learned how to harness the power of the Weave. With the adoption of magic came a new lust for knowledge, further dividing the two cultures of the Dragonborn. Those who stay true to their ancestry live a 'pure' life, relying on nature and themselves to survive. Those who adopt the new way give up their physical prowess to devote themselves to an expansion of knowledge, and mastery of the Weave.

Regardless of which class they are, the Dragonborn as a whole remain a modest and slow-bred race with long lives and few generations. As warriors, they are marginally stronger than most, and some can rival golems. As scholars and mages, they command magic like second nature. Yet, they are few in number and thinly spread, save for their home city Kar'rasa.

Cultural Racism and Biases

The Dragonborn generally regard themselves as deserving respect because of the actions of their ancestors, and their higher, respectful culture. They do not see races as being below them, except for the Drow, Tieflings, Vampires, and other beings of darkness. However, recent times have brought the Dragonborn to have a growing animosity with Humans because of the disregard Humans have for the land, and the disrespectful treatment Dragonborn will often receive in human lands. The Dragonborn also feel humans tend to misuse their magic and knowledge, and thus, shy away from them as well, preferring to stand by the Elves.


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