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 The Terror of Argon Event, Part 1

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The Terror of Argon Event, Part 1 Empty
PostSubject: The Terror of Argon Event, Part 1   The Terror of Argon Event, Part 1 EmptySat Mar 24, 2012 11:01 am

Part 1 of the Terror Event starts in roughly two hours. It will take place on the main server, ICly several miles away, near the town of Argon. The Black Watch will be joining with a force of 200 Concordic Knights in a strike aimed at retaking the small village of 'Argon'. The Event will be run by Rutabega. Everyone interested is invited to join, as you can play a temporary black watch character, any number of disposable undead, or even your own, personal character, hired as a mercenary. Know that if you do have your personal character as a mercenary, you won't be able to have him or her participate in the second event, tomorrow, run by me.

I leave the rest up to Rutabega. Look to him for further instructions, around two hours from now. In the event he DOESN'T come on, (like an asshole), Spadge will be taking charge.
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The Terror of Argon Event, Part 1
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