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 Some news - Server and Event Info

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Some news - Server and Event Info Empty
PostSubject: Some news - Server and Event Info   Some news - Server and Event Info EmptySun Mar 18, 2012 4:19 pm

So, couple of things.

First, our current server's tenure is up, as you can probably see when you check Garry's mod. Luckily, Rutabega's already in a position to host a new one; I don't have an exact date, but it should happen very soon. In the mean time, Spadge has generously decided to host a Listen server off his own computer in its place. This is strictly a temporary server. Spadge tells me if you have any issues with the server, you can contact him, though he has no control over lag issues. It's a listen server. It doesn't have Adv Dupe and it's not as stable, but it'll do the job until then.

Second. The Terror of Argon event is scheduled for next weekend, split into two parts. On Friday, the combined force of the Concordic Knights, the Black Watch, and a number of mercenaries will attack Argon. Players with characters in the Watch are more or less expected to participate in this one, though anyone can participate. If you want to participate and you don't have a Black Watch character, you can play one of three roles - a temporary black watch character, any number of disposable Undead enemy characters, or your own character, as a hired mercenary. These characters, though, will not be able to participate in Event number two, which takes place ICly very shortly after, in Surna. The first event will start roughly after 7 PM Pacific Standard Time, and the second event will start at 6PM PST (GMT -7) on Saturday. Anyone at all, so long as they are ICly in Surna at the time, can participate.

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Some news - Server and Event Info
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